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  1. Thank you! Yes I just confirmed by looking at the rotor differences on all year Probes... all call for the same part number. Thank you. Need to vent a lil here- I called Scarebird and they informed me to email them. I emailed and stated that in 2013 the recommended the 1990 Chevy Cavalier caliper with a Ford Probe rotor my question was what year Probe rotor they recommended back in 2013. They stated they couldnt tell unless I provided them a part number that "might" be stamped on the adapter. Interesting.... 😲
  2. Correction- Found my scarebird receipt from 2013 and it used 1990 Chevy Cavalier Calipers and Ford Probe rotors. I cant find any literature as to what year Ford Probe rotors, Ill be calling Scarebird to verify.
  3. I just found my brakes receipt from 2013 and they used 1990 chevy celebrity calipers and Ford Probe rotors
  4. What front calipers does Scarebird recommend for their kit? I bought mine years ago and I believe they might have changed over the years. I recall on mine you had to cut a small tab off of the caliper to fit the kit.
  5. Thanks! Thats exactly what fixed mine. I extended the rod in order to adjust and now the pedal comes all the way back.
  6. Thanks for sharing 40plyrod. Wondering if you dont mind sharing how your brakes turned out, what calipers your using as well how you plumbed everything. ie: residual valves, since the MC sits lower than the calipers, metering valve, combination valve/proportioning valve if needed?
  7. Once I installed the clutch spring My clutch pedal doesnt return either. We might be having the same issue. Ill be posting a separate thread on this issue but thought Id share with you here as well.
  8. Andy, what year sway bar did you upgrade to? 1998 Jeep Cherokee?
  9. Thank you Sam, ill be doing that once I figure out the final lenght needed
  10. Im a bargain hunter. Picked up a clean running 265 for $100. I ended up rebuilding it and added speed goodies and in the hole about $7k Its whatever people are willing to pay for it. There are many people here in So Cal custom car scene that would rather pay a high dollar price for parts rather than spending valuable time and effort searching for parts. Im always stuck in between. I can afford expensive parts and the convenience but find the hobbie fun to research, analyze, and find great deals. To each their own and I dont criticize anyones choice.
  11. I fabricated a mock mount for a dual master cylinder for my 1940 Desoto Coupe. All seems to align and well but noticed the pedal hits the to of the master cylinder when pressed all the way down. Would this limit the full travel needed for the brakes to operate properly? Should I concerned and rethink this bracket or wait until brakes are installed and test with fluid pressure in the system. any other mount ideas others have used to mount a dual master cylinder into this Setup.
  12. Thanks. Havent had to put on in but I can imagine. I will be looking for one like on your clip.
  13. i stand corrected. I just took my assembly apart and noticed one side had the retaining clip and the side that goes to the engine side does not. The side that uses the retaining clip has a groove as the other side doesnt.
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