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  1. Hello Jason, never imaged it would be me to state this but....... newborn, home remodeling, career and age started kicking me in the butt a bit more than I though. I usually dont sleep much and able to handle multiple project. No updates but recently discovered that old-time lowriders around the Los Angeles area commonly used hydraulics or Airbags on these cars. Usually cutting the frames spring bucket to avoid airbag rubbing. I think Im going to cut a piece out of the frame to avoid the potential of the airbag “ballooning” over time and rubbing the frame.
  2. Thats interesting I have a triple intake with all three BnB carbs with different model numbers. I was told by rebuilder that they where the same. anybody know difference, if any, between them? 7K0 439 D6A2 E6WTR B8
  3. Thank you Andy.... but.. why is your master cylinder on the passenger side?😳 Im kidding that you for the pictures, they really help.. You have a beautiful car 👍🏼
  4. Thank you. Its appears that relocating it above on the firewall has many benefits and found it interesting that more havent done it. Just wondering if Im missing a negative impact of doing so that some might be willing to share. Ie- pedal location, wirewall allignment (placement) engine bay space limitation, hood clearance.
  5. Ive been tinkering with modifying my original master cylinder mounting location to accept a dual master cylinder. Using it for a front disc, rear drum setup on my 40 Desoto coupe. Was wondering if anyone has had successfully installed firewall mounted master cylinder in their car. Seems like a simple install and much more beneficial other than the cost. im looking at this kit. What have others done? https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Under-Dash-Brake-Pedal-Assembly-Single-Diaphragm,45466.html?sku=9106001&msclkid=b32df0483a2913802658904d7f9d676a&utm_source=bing&utm_
  6. I like your exhaust setup and plan on doing something similar to mine. Are the pipes flush with the lower X section of the frame or do the pipes sit lower? Reason Im asking is that my car, when airbags deflated, will sit on the frames X section and wondering if the pipes will fit without hitting the floor.
  7. Thank you Adams. Forgot to details - 1940 Desoto coupe. Two types- the one on the body on the first picture are screwed into the body and are a but wider than the one im holding. The ones on the second pick are push in type
  8. Does anyone know where I can find these two types of Stainless body trim clips. If I can find them, I rather use the original ones instead of making my own. Ive made my own on other cars before but had troubles getting the stainless to evenly set on the body.
  9. Thanks Andy, all this information is priceless.
  10. Makes perfect sense. Thank you wonder if I can find a shop here in So. Cal that can fabricate one for me. Thanks for posting a picture for reference.
  11. Andy, what year Jeep sway bar did you use on your 40 Dodge. I searched a few different year Jeep and none appeared to be remotely close to my stock 1940 desoto bar.
  12. Thank you Edward, amazing work. Suprisingly the moderators over at the HAMB didnt get upset at you for posting something so "Non Traditional"
  13. Thanks for the info. I had no clue, i had been sitting on this brake project for over 6 years and forgot what calipers and rotors where used. Researched and found out that they are Ford Probe rotors and 1990 chevy Celebrity calipers and pads. Its a scarebird kit but they have since updated their kit.
  14. The location of the brake line is stock. I did notice others have it on the front of the shock mount
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