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  1. Hello All; I am going to make a run to Napa later this morning to try and see if they have a rebuild kit for my carb. I should probably see if they have plugs and a condenser as well. My question is do I just replace the Champion J-8 plugs with same or is there a better suited plug for these motors? It appears that the engine I have is slightly newer than the truck itself being a 54 -56 series 230. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Thanks Guy's I did post a few photos in the album section. I will post more when time permits. It is going to be "cool" when it is all sorted out. A buddy told me about some product by Jasco that makes short work of surface rust. He has used it to good effect on a few cars he has restored and says that it works great. Turns rust to a black powder which brushes right off? Anybody tried it? I do plan on sanding the old primer off but he says metal once treated with this doesn't seem to grow new rust. I guess I would believe that when I see it. Jeff
  3. Thanks guys this is really helpful. I know it is early days on this project but I have a very good feeling about it. This old truck seems to have excellent bones......and there are only a few missing. As I get familiar with it, it appears to be in remarkably decent shape mechanically and in particular body wise. I have not found a bit of cancer anywhere! Hank came for a visit the other day and was quite encouraging as well. He confirmed what I had thought and that I did better than OK on this purchase. He was extremely helpful and a genuinely nice guy. I have a lot of decisions to make about how far I want (or need) to take things. One thing I do know is this will be a short distance daily driver and will be used to haul lumber and make deliveries occasionally. So "too nice to use" is not even an option. I am thinking now that I will do an "oily rag" restoration under the hood if the engine turns out to be functional and just put serious money into the cooling system to begin with. Then the brakes are by far the most pressing mechanical issue. I am inclined to think that perhaps a disc conversion on the front, a full rebuild on the rear along with a new master cylinder and lines might make the most sense. after that some new shocks, tires and some elbow grease and she should be good to go. Body wise I am in very good shape. It is all straight and there is maybe an ounce of bondo on the whole thing. I am not rubbing this in....believe me I know how lucky I got with this. When I went and looked at the truck it took me about a second to make up my mind that I wanted it. The previous owner had stripped the 95% plus of the old paint off so it is old primer with a little bit of surface rust here and there. The only original paint left on it is on the engine side of the firewall. There is literally maybe a weeks work prepping it for paint. Again thanks for all of your help and I wish all of you a healthy and happy New Year. Jeff
  4. Thanks Greg; I will look a little closer for evidence of where the original ground attached. I did look but most of the old wiring that is still there is pretty nasty! It is almost more than my old eyes can take,,,,if you know what I mean. And I was thinking that it might have grounded directly to the engine block. I don't have a battery yet but when I buy this and the cables I want this to all work correctly when I get around to a new harness. I am making progress. Got the emergency brake working.....although I am certain it will need to be relined before it gets much use. Pulled the generator, coil and distributor and got them cleaned up. They look fine. Next I will go at the carb. It has a Carter Ball and Ball. Linkage looks to be original and intact with only a return spring needed. I got the choke cable freed up, but the hand throttle cable needs to be fixed....no big deal there. Can you get the correct rebuild kits for these Carbs? Where would you source these? Are there any tips for these I should know about? Thanks much, Jeff
  5. The wiring in the truck (52 B-3-C) I bought is a mess and incomplete. I want to put a battery, cables and a temporary starting circuit in it to get it running. I can't find any evidence of how it is (or was) grounded. Where should the ground cable from a battery attach on these trucks? Are there other ground points as well? Thanks for your help. Jeff
  6. Thank you guy's; I will proceed along these lines. Your advice is great. Jeff
  7. Hello All; The engine in my "new" 52 B-3-C spins freely! I put a rubber strap wrench on it and it turned as nice as can be. I am very happy about that. So now I guess I can start looking in to all the systems.....radiator repair, new water pump, an exhaust system, carb and fuel pump rebuild, etc... I have read here in the old threads that it is a good idea to drop the oil pan. What about the oil pump ? Don't these need to be primed? What other things should I examine before actually trying to start the beast? It seems that the engine is actually a 230 from 54-56. It appears to have been painted battleship grey. Not absolutely certain but I think this may have been a Govt. owned truck at one time......there are some signs of fleet type maintenance in the distant past. Other signs too like never having a radio or an antenna installed. Signs of Navy blue brushed-on paint jobs...and an unusual step bumper that looks like it might of had Jerry cans mounted on it. It would be fun to know the whole story. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Well....... I have not got as far as a budget. Just trying to figure out what I have bought and what it is going to need. My goal is to make it into a daily driver to use in my business. So with that said ... I would like to keep it as original looking as possible...... but it doesn't have to be perfect. I don't think I would use it the way I would like to if it had a real ex[pensive paint job as an example. Mechanically It needs to be relatively reliable and of course roadworthy. I don't have a clue what it costs to have one of these engines gone though correctly......so maybe some general numbers there would be helpful. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Thanks Guy's; Wow this is great ....I already have answers. And they make perfect sense. So what would you do first? I am thinking of trying to see if this engine will turn over by hand. I don't want to do any serious damage but it would be nice to know. Any thoughts on this? Is it wishful thinking ? I just don't want to waste a bunch of money on stuff only to find out (soon) that this particular engine is not worth rebuilding. Thanks, Jeff
  10. Tim; Thanks. I got the tag cleaned off and it is red....so 6v. Well that is one question answered. Honestly the wiring is so nasty in this truck it is hard to make out much. One further question. I've noticed that there is no provision for a key lock anywhere on outside of the drivers door.....would this have been integrated into the door handle ? the handle that is on it now does not have it but I am certain it has been replaced. Strangely (to me) the passenger door has a separate key lock below the handle that looks original. Thanks, Jeff
  11. Hi; Meant to say that I checked on the engine # ;-) This truck is no way near running....I am still trying to figure out what I have. Jeff
  12. Hello all; I ran my engine (# T342 I9455) and found that it is a 230 from 54 -56 so I have a few more cubes than I thought. I guess that is a good thing. The VIN puts the truck at 52 Now for a question,,,, Since my wiring is such a mess what is the easiest way to tell if the truck is still set up as a 6v or if it has had some mods made? I was thinking of pulling the generator and cleaning it up to see the data plate. Thanks, Jeff
  13. Hello All; Well I spent a few hours crawling around on it.....I am pretty happy with what I found....or didn't find. No cancer at all. Looks really solid and I didn't see any evidence of it ever being seriously damaged either. I think I found some clues about it's previous life. Just a guess at the moment but it seems to have been painted blue a few times.....the kind of paint work you would see in a "fleet" maint. yard......maybe a old Navy truck? All the tags are off of it and the DMV has no record of it ever being here and yet it must have been here all along because there is almost zero rust on it. I wonder if there is a way to track down info on this? The drive train appears to be all there and it looks like it was well maintained the first half of it's life. Oil is clean like it was just changed and when I pulled the plugs they appeared to all have been running at a nice tan color....just many years ago. Of course this may not be the case now but it is certainly encouraging. Even stuff that you would expect to be a mess like the battery box and the floorboards all seem to be intact. So all in all I feel pretty good. I did take some photos and have posted the first group into an album. Merle, It does seem to be a 4 speed with reverse to the right and back. At least that's what it feels like. It even came with a radio....... but I don't suppose it is "the one" ;-) Thanks again for being here. Jeff
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    52 B-3-C
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    52 B-3-C
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    52 B-3-C
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    52 B-3-C
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    From the album: Jeff

    52 B-3-C
  23. Wow Hank! That looks too nice.......do you serve hot meals there? All joking aside that engine compartment is really sweet. I notice that the hood supports are different from what is on my truck. What year is yours? I hope we get a chance to meet and talk....we are fairly close to each other. And yes I will take all the help and advice I can get. Jeff......off to start giving it a closer look.
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