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  1. Yes. they should be able to help you make that 39-47 tank fit. a little back ground here, i have the registry/forum for the 39-47 series Dodge trucks and went to Tanks, Inc some years ago to task them to consider building a tank that was not available anywhere at the time. i sent them a used one, leaker, but good original shape and they duplicated it, sent me a prototype and after a few changes suggested, which they incorporated, the tank went into production. They ordered a container load from Taiwan, and it has become a best seller. - also duplicates as a universal fit tank then last y
  2. working on the 1947 WFA-32 truck, and the 1960 W200 Power Wagon. 

  3. Ed, what's the latest report on your Worthington tractor? I'm still looking for one..
  4. Shame on you Ed, you know we have a table or chart like that on our 39-47Dodge truck forum on yahoo. :-) the group on yahoo groups is called '39-47dodge' Just go to the database and look through the tables there, - one is called Dodge truck models and codes, or something like that... All the sizes and model are listed, by engineering code. but you have to be a member to access it. Anyone who is interested in this era of truck would be useful to join it. www.groups.yahoo.com/group/39-47dodge dave moderator, 39-47dodge
  5. I was going to say, don't generalize the climate in California. In the mountains and down to about 2000 ft, they just got tons of snow. That's why there are so many ski resorts in Sierras. But along the coast, not so much. Most of the southern California mountain passes were closed 2 days ago with snow. but I'm going walking on the beach today, san diego.
  6. Young Ed, Are you also logged on to the 39-47 Dodge web forum? www.groups.yahoo.com/group/39-47dodge would like to show your truck in this photo on the front page. Nice shot. dave www.39-47dodgetrucks.com
  7. Yes, Bobby. We have all the original truck colors, and chips listed on the yahoo forum. Orange was on the early, pre-war trucks only. dave www.groups.yahoo.com/group/39-47dodge
  8. We have all those detail photos on the yahoo forum for the 39-47 dodge trucks. Used a truck that had won many awards as a model in many of the photos, and can take more specific details if anyone asks. BTW, the photo of your red and black truck in the snow is a great one. Could we use it on the site? dave www.groups.yahoo.com/group/39-47dodge
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