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    Retired but don't want to stop playing now that I have all day O yes unless the wife has something for.
    Right now its my 50 Plymouth Deluxe Coupe.
    My other past time is playing Pool with a great group at the VFW.
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    I bought a Plymouth Business Coupe that I knew a little bit about these cars but never took one apart this far.<br />
    I want it done but that takes time and I didn't buy it to make money this is a project and if I get it done then it will be my cruiser.


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  1. Thanks I have seen a lot of sills that hold the carpet down with there sill, but also glue is fine, but what about if you need to get to the master cylinder. I will take all the help I can get as I will not be held up by this place that sells these for much much to much money. I like my car and I think it will be the best work on an old car I have ever done, because I have nothing but time to get it right, but over 400 bucks and if it were a 4 Door it would be more like over 800 to me that gouging and we all know the best of these cars will only bring in the twenty's if that. If it were a Che
  2. That's a good look, I have though about that and they could be powder coated in any color, on the carpet side did you just put the aluminum sill over the carpet and it holds the carpet ok Thanks for taking time to post your reply.
  3. I bought my car and the door seals were trash and I really feel like we are being held up by a company that is wanting to much for there product. I wondered what else can be used as a replacement. I will be trying a few things myself, and will keep posted.
  4. I once built Trans and engine in a Corvette while testing it the cooling part of the radiator started leaking and went into the new trans and trans fluid invaded the engine and it coated the inside, so a guy told me to put a spoon of dishwasher soap Powder and run the engine till hot then keep flushing till its all out. The block was clean after that. As far as installing a new tube its better to remove the rear freeze plug as mine was full even after they dipped it in the tank, I dug for a while getting the gunk out. Powder
  5. First I had just rebuilt my 218 and set it in the car hooked up to the trans and got it started, after a while I started seeing oil on the floor, hum thinking the new rear main was leaking, bummer right so I let that go for now but mind you the trans has been out for a few years and I can't get it to shift into low or reverse , so I pulled it out and the gear was stuck with light rust on the slide so I worked to get it freed and then before I reinstalled it I was reading about there needing to be a gasket between the bell and the Trans, so no more leak any longer and all is good in Mopar Land.
  6. Dose anyone know any thing about the guy that sold an adapter Dior the 6 cylinder to Borg Warner 5 sod ?

    1. bbbbbb99


      I had one I sold along with a motor to a guy in California. It was a Paul Curtis kit.

  7. Well who would of known Tim you are the man
  8. I had an updated drive shaft made for my 1950 218 Plymouth BC as the original drive line has the boot covers and I think I bought new boots covers then decided to have one made. So I guess I have one for sale but I don't know what its worth and I am not going to be back in AZ till Oct,
  9. I got something I need to ask. I need to find if there is a that someone that knows how to take the trunk lock and handle apart so I can Chrome the part that bolts to the trunk. Seabee1950
  10. Jealousy Hummmmmmm give me there show I would take the money.
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