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  1. If I remember correctly, its closed at high vacuum during idle then opens when at Cruise and low vacuum. It creates a lean condition off idle if you don't adjust the carb for it.
  2. A pcv system also adds a vacuum leak to your system. I struggled with running lean for years and finally yanked the pcv off and the car has never run better. I guess if you had the right carb and jets you could make it work, it sure didn't like my stock b&b.
  3. I just went thru the whole catalog and it looks like most of my distributer components fit into the 1938-1950 category except my points look like 1939-1950, vacuum advance "looks similar" to 1938-1942 and coil looks like 1938-1941. I'm going to guess that my car was built with a 1939 distributor. The car is very original and untouched with low miles.
  4. I don't know, both of my timing lights stopped working. I need to pick up a new one.
  5. But I don't know my distributor number. The tag is long gone.
  6. I am happy to report that my car is running great now. I adjusted the clutch freeplay and the slipping is gone. I also backed off the timing, setting it to highest vacuum was way advanced. I backed it off to where it used to be and it runs really good now. I do still need a new vacuum advance. I called bernbaum to see if they could help me and they asked for emailed pictures. It's a week later and no response. They list 2 different ones, 1935-1941 and 1942-1948. My distributor tag is missing and all I know is my points look like 1939 and later style. Does anyone know the difference betwe
  7. Yup. This company is a scam. You spend about 12 bucks for bulbs plus $7 shipping. He said he'll take them back but it's going to cost me another $7 shipping, doesn't even make sense. I should have read up more on his company before I ordered. He's claiming he's selling Samsung bulbs but they are just cheap garbage Chinese crap that are unlabeled. He knows these bulbs don't work in a stock six volt system but he still advertises and sells them that way. I hate scammers.
  8. I adjusted the free play in my clutch this morning and I swear it still feels like it slips in 3rd gear when stepping on the gas hard. That's the only time it feels like that. It also kind of feels like maybe they'll float or something strange. I set my timing with a vacuum gauge and it is turned more counterclockwise than it used to be for years. The book says four degrees after top dead center. I'm going to try to attach a picture. If the left side of the photo is the front of the car which side is 4° after top dead center. Also since my vacuum advance is leaking should I still set it by th
  9. Looks like you also used www.ledlight.com. Just a fair warning that they are selling junk Chinese let's that don't work.
  10. It's only like $12 for the bulbs and then $6 for shipping but they don't work like the add says. The company will let me return them (another $6 shipping) for credit only. Screw them, I'm disputing the charge on my credit card. It's a matter of principle now.
  11. I bought 2 1158 bulbs from ledlight.com to replace my originals. I was hoping for brighter tail and brake lights. My original bulbs operate as tail lights, brake lights and turn signals. These bulbs don't operate that way. f I put the bulb in one direction and have the headlights on nothing happens. If I leave the headlights on and hit the brakes the bulb lights up. If I flip the bulb 180 degrees and turn the headlights on the bulb lights up but then the brake lights dont work. The turn signals don't work at all. According to the listing they should operate like the originals. I ha
  12. Thank you! Looks like mine isn't from 1938, the points are the 1939 and up style. I remember having a problem ordering points and getting the wrong ones when we looked for a 38.
  13. My distributor ID tag is missing, any idea how I can confirm what distributor I have so I can order a vacuum advance? I think it's original but who knows on a car this old.
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