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  1. Hello, 1941luxuryliner, i use as a daily my 1941 dodge club coupe for 10 years now and i have a lot of manuals and books about this car, plus my knowledge and experiences with my car on the road. Like it was said before, check the fuse under the light switch, the fuse holder is like a small bullet with a 1/4 of turn lock. about the generator, first thing you can do is open it and check the brush first and cleaning inside old the 80 years of dust and grease. on the armature, clean very very carefully and softly the copper where the brush lies to have it clean but to keep
  2. Hello i have a 41 dodge with cross ply tires with a big with wall tire in 600-16 the brande is « lester »
  3. This is your chrysler insn’t it? http://topclassiccarsforsale.com/chrysler/344081-1942-chrysler-new-yorker-highlander-rust-free-straight-8-fluid-drive.html
  4. Any possibily to know the exact built date of the car? How to find this information?
  5. It’s highlander!!! I love thise with the plaid interior!
  6. I also rebuil the clock it work good now i just repaint the needles and change the light bulb
  7. Nice chrysler!! Look like a newyorker or saratoga?? i do some gret job on my car, i check all the vacamatic system and it appear all the electric system work perfectliy but the vacuum chamber leaking i open it and it was a bolt not tight enough i clean everything put it back and it work very well. i also rebuilt the generator
  8. I have some old usa road map of 40 and 41, it said speed limit 55mph on all the rods except specification lol
  9. This is the video of the first test drive of my chrysler ^^ idle seated to high, allost dead battery ^^ not operating generator the car stall each tile i try to press accelerator so i play with the cluch a litlle bit too much but i wanna drive it to see if the fluid coupling work properly and the vacamatic shift work. He don’t haha
  10. I notice the chrysler run on carter dodge on stromberg plymouth and desoto are mount with carter??
  11. Yes it is, most of the time 500 is just for one grill in good shape haha
  12. I have an idea haha i went to hershey meet fall in 2016 i found a complete set of chrome for the front of the dodge for 500$ Two pair of headlamps door complet front grill and center bare en NOS condition. the chrysler need bumpers
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