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  1. Well I’m not in a position to pick up another project but if you do an internet search for 1950 Chrysler Imperial 6 door wagon. Go to photos and you’ll find the photo I posted. Visit the link. The car is for sale in Escondido Ca. $6000.00 needs full restoration. Olga I believe is the seller. Facebook Market Place listing. I guess you can reach it that way also.
  2. Saw an add for one. Researched online none mentioned anywhere. Anybody hear about something like it? Looks all original.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/groups/163789344439090/permalink/945182152966468/?sale_post_id=945182152966468
  4. I do a lot of pulled pork, brisket, tri-tip all the go to items. Favorite wood for poultry is cherry. Use apple, hickory or pear for pork. Oak, mesquite, hickory for beef. Mulberry is good for pork & poultry too. I always use wood for the meat & gas grill for sides. Doing the jerky thing a lot at this time. Venison jerky is so good.
  5. Out here in So. Cal. Wife and I went though it ok last April. My daughter and son in law in Minn. went through it. A Dozen maybe across the country I know of. Everyone made it though it. Neither my wife or I ever had a fever. Wife’s started with a real bad back ache. She had a few rough days where I was really worried. I’ve got asthma not bad but suffered the breathing issues. Everyone else’s cases were mild. Thank god.
  6. I’ve got a 47 D24 4Dr my folks bought new. Been played with the last year or so. Im lucky with the rust too. Minimal on this one too. Retirement is coming soon and then I can get it done. For know mainly collecting parts. Engine is done and waiting.
  7. If the goal is to have the hemi. A truck chassis would have been a easier route. Maybe a Durango,Aspen suv. But keep at it if you believe in your concept.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DODGE-UNDER-HOOD-DATA-PLATE-ID-TAG-ZINC-1931-1948-/181565067699
  9. reply ⚐ 1947 Chrysler flathead 8 and fluid drive transmission - $500(New Prague) image 1 of 4 make / manufacturer: chrysler 1947 Chrysler flathead 8 and fluid drive transmission. Engine is stuck, however I pulled head and pistons/cylinders look pretty good. The valves are a bit rusty. Came out of a New Yorker. Complete out of car, to include starter, generator, manifolds and fan. Dodge, Plymouth © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 7117722035 posted: 11 days ago updated: 11 days ago email to friend ♥ best of [?]
  10. When I pulled mine I found it easier to remove the front fenders and grill assembly as one piece. In the long run it saved a lot of time. Did it in a couple hours by myself. Hardest part was hooking it up to engine hoist. Ended up using 4 carabiner clips & a piece of heavy nylon rope. Worked very well after I found the balance point and secured so it could not slip. Carabiner clips attached to the rear top body mounts on each fender and to the two tabs that are at the front top of each fender.
  11. 1st was 1947 D24 Dads car since my birth. Latest is the same car 60 years later.
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