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    I own a 1950 Plymouth business Coupe and a 1964 El Camino
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    Was a Masonry Contractor


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    Riverside Ca.
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    Old Cars now,

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  1. Greg, You get the best pictures, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Tony C
  2. Winging out a GUESS Lasalle ca. 1937. Tony C
  3. Try Neil Riddle, Sea Plym Cafe. Tony C
  4. Boy do I like that 54, I would almost pay the price just to get the 50 caliber. Tony C
  5. WHY, would anyone put a FORD motor in a Dodge Truck???????????? Nice Truck BUUUT. Tony C
  6. Yeah, I bet you guys are right, that probably was a swamp cooler in the cafe. Tod, your memories must have been from your EARLY childhood days, you little whipper snapper. LOL Tony C
  7. Hey the Grandeur Cafe has AIR, must have been a first. Tony C
  8. Tod, There is suppose to be one between Chico and Paradise, along Honey Run Road. I am moving up there pretty soon and I intend to look for it and maybe get some pictures. Tony C
  9. Reminds me of my best friend, when I first met him 50 years ago, he was driving a 41 Plymouth coupe with a pair of vise grips for a shifter, clamped on the steering column. Tony C
  10. I am using the stock suspension, on my 50 Plymouth ,with a 360 V8 and I am real happy with it. I am not driving it at LeMans, just on the freeways. Tony C
  11. My True Value Hardware has them, I think Ace Hardware may have them also. Tony C
  12. Yeah, I go with the stock suspension guys, I have a 360 V8 in my 50 Plymouth coupe with bebuilt stock suspension. I like it a lot. Tony C
  13. Hey any of you guys from around Desoto Kansas? This guy does some great work. Be sure to look a pages 2 and 3. Tony http://kansastravel.org/grandpasoldfordgarage.htm
  14. I agree with Claybill, if working it off means you have to pay for the kids work, then it is a no no. You would still end up paying for the damages. Tony C
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