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  1. Have you tried www.taillightking.com
  2. Sweet, for a 19 yr old you got some skills. Great project, keep the pictures coming as you progress
  3. I ordered some brake springs from him 2 weeks ago, They arrived 2 days later and I'm in California. I was pleased and amazed. Definitely would do biz with him again.
  4. Does anybody know of any substitute front brake springs that will work with a 48 P15, or will I have to contact Roberts or Mitchells and get the real deal. Also, will the rear springs work on the front? I know they have different part #s, but will they work in a pinch?
  5. It looks like an artist's rendering of the pea green color of the era. I don't know the official Plymouth name for the color.
  6. My first car was a 48 Plymouth P15 4 dr sedan
  7. Get a letter from the person you bought it from stating how long he has had the car and that all the paper work was lost. Go to your local DMV with the letter and bill of sale. There will be no record of the car since the Ca. DMV had a fire some years ago and all those records were lost. They will send you to the nearest CHP office to have the numbers verified. DMV will then issue a new title. I did this with a 49 Harley ac ouple of years back that I had bought with no paper work, but it had sat in the mans garage since 61. A Statement of facts and a CHP inspection should get you a new title.
  8. 15 yrs old. I learned on a 1948 Plymouth P 15 4 Dr Sedan. Hence my love affair with P 15's
  9. Here is a 21 min long color video of San Francisco in 1955. It is a bit long but just seeing the old cars is worth it. http://boingboing.net/2011/12/25/amateur-color-film-of-san-fran.html
  10. 48 P15 4Dr. Got it in 1954 and drove it until 57 when I bought a new 57 Chevy Belair HT with all the bells and whistles for $2868.00 Sold the plymouth to a soldier stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco for$ 300. He gave me $100.down and promised to pay me $50 a month for the the next 4 mos. SOB skipped the State and stiffed me for the $200. I sold the Chevy in 61 for $1100 and bought a 59 T Bird. I have regretted that move ever since. I could go on and on about all the cars I have had and should have kept, but there is no use in crying over spilt milk at this point in my life. Live & learn
  11. I ran my old P15 4dr thru a couple of times in the late 50's. Bone stock except for a split manifold. I don't remember the ET's, but I think the speed was about 63-64 MPH. Also ran a 33 plymouth coupe stock 4 cyl and it turned 61MPH. Those were the days. Ducktails, Pall Mall Reds tucked in your tee shirt sleeve, engineers boots, sunglasses, and of course your car club jacket. I still have my old car club plaque in the window of my coupe. Flywheels SF Cal
  12. I've still got the set I got for Christmas 1946. It has been put up around the Christmas tree every year since then. The grand kids love it. Especially the younger ones. The fact that it has never broken down other than minor things that could be fixed with a little oil or glue speaks volumes about the quality of the post war Lionel train sets. I still have most of the original boxes that the set came in. Several collectors have offered me some pretty good money for the set, but I guess I will just keep putting it up every Christmas till I croak and then let the heirs decide what to do with it. Same goes for the P15 I guess. Happy Holidays to all. George
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