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  1. I have a knock at very low rpm. I just turned up the idle speed.
  2. I was thinking Joe Friday.
  3. Thanks kh. I guess it's among the missing parts.
  4. I went to look at the car and did not see the hood release. Not familiar with these and don't know if it is missing or not. There are several empty holes in the dash. Car appears to have been sitting a loooong time and is full of old creature nests so I didn't really dig around. TIA. Terry
  5. Thoroughly read the instructions. Do not run the washer without a water source hooked up. The pump will burn out very quickly.
  6. Main caps have nuts on studs, not bolts.
  7. I have learned that the hard way over the years. Didn't know if I was missing something or not. So far I have been very gentle. Thanks.
  8. P-2 with the 201. I want to see which seal it has. Have the retaining nuts off. Cap does not move. Able to slide a thin putty knife between the mating surfaces of the cap and block. I thought I should ask for advice before I whack it with a hammer. TIA, Terry
  9. keithb7 that's great! Thanks. I have enjoyed your videos.
  10. A huge thank you to chrysler1941 for sharing his info.
  11. chrysler1941 Thanks for the offer. I am not computer literate and will have to talk someone with more knowledge. If I can get it figured out I will get back to you. Terry
  12. I need a parts book for my P2. I see master parts catalogs, condensed catalogs and parts list books all listed in various places. Most have a lack of info as to what they include. I want one that lists all the parts with good illustrations. Can anyone recommend a good source? Thanks in advance. Terry
  13. Thanks for sharing those. Very cool.
  14. Not mine. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/534342877538483/
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