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  1. BK it will be a search for the right shock. When you relocate the length will be different for everyone since you mount the new top mount where ever. So th resting, travel and over all length will vary. try here,http://www.monroe.com/downloads/install-instructions-guides/MonroeMountingLengthSpecifications.pdf . Harley this explains it. It helps with the ride and handling.
  2. This help? http://p15-d24.com/search/?&q=master cylinder bracket&sortby=relevancy
  3. I had thought only the Edmunds were water heated unless you added a plate where the heat riser was... Post a picture if you can..
  4. Rockwood have you ever run a gps and compare it to your speedometer reading? That may help but you never know.
  5. So the 1" phenolic washers were only for heat? Also why the balance tube on the stock set? I have fenton dual carb intake and have seen it mentioned to run the same 1 inch spacers but I had thought it was for low speed torque. Now i need to find that discussion again..
  6. WESTACH has them listed just go to the single gauge menu. As mentioned before give them a call to see iy they have what you need. Model: 3CT53-2-6V Price: $143.65 Tachometer 5,000 RPM, 3" round, std pt or mag ign, 1-1/2 & 3 imp, ( 3 or 6 cyl ) 6 volt positive/negative ground. Model: 2CT33-6V Price: $124.65 Tachometer 3,500 RPM, 2" round, std pt ign, 3 imp/rev ( 6 cyl ), 6 volt, pos or neg grd Your second question you can decide after reading this. There are other threads as well just search the forums. Al
  7. You might want to consider using electrolysis. Just reverse the leads and it will eat the metal rim away from the glass. I cracked a lense prying it out when I converted mine, but the next one I just lifted the metal off. I just had it deep enough to cover the edge holding the glass. http://antique-engines.dickerson-design.com/electrol.asp
  8. Don't forget to add relays to the light circuit as it will pull more amps with the new bulbs. http://www.mgexperience.net/article/mgb/headlight_relays_revb.pdf
  9. Knuckle I agree all things like engine temp etc is the same you get heat. Just looking at ducts etc for the different models to see how well they work is all.
  10. I have no idea if the duct is the same. What model number is on the heater? Care to share a picture of the under seat heater and does it have a model number?
  11. I have seen that parts were cardboard. Is this the only part? I had looked at that already and was wondering if a template was available I have a friend that should be able to do in sheet metal. A bit of insulation added I think. Interesting thank you for posting.
  12. So I am starting to work on my old Plymouth again.Looking over the manuals I see a number of heaters were an option. So since I have none, I was wondering do they work well? Looking at defrost and heat. Looking at keeping it 6 volts so.... Reading the old posts I see recommendations for an Arvin etc.. but if original work why not as I see a model 70 etc available.So what are the thoughts of the forum? Just looking at heat and especially defrosters. good? bad?. Looking at temps probably high teens F. Any models that stand out.?
  13. Andy Bernbaum has them here. http://www.oldmoparts.com/parts-universal-joint.aspx
  14. I'm running an R7 in my 50 Plymouth and love it. The only thing to add is you may need the shifter arms off of your current 3 speed.
  15. Drank a few cups from one of these percolator style. 50 cup pot used when working twelves in my military days.
  16. Interesting thread on his adapter as well. Above my head on some of the technical issues posted. What do those more knowledge have to say? Al
  17. When you add a file to the download area it is posted as an announcement by the site software automatically. A link to your actual post. http://p15-d24.com/files/file/68-standard-parts-list/
  18. http://p15-d24.com/topic/32471-218-flathead-weight/?hl=%2Bengine+%2Bweight Not sure what is meant by the OP by complete but this thread says 625 on a pallet. Hope it helps.
  19. Hey Don good luck on the trip. I had to do a bit of research to see what you were talking about. Maybe if you kept your posts in the same thread it would help.
  20. Falconvan What sway bar did you use? Was it a jeep also? Al
  21. Darren A suggestion that my or may not help sizing your fuses for unknown equipment. Run a meter in place of the actual the fuse for each circuit as you turn them on. You will know your amp readings as you go and can size your fuses based on that. Just set your meter for the maximum amp range you can have in case of direct shorts. Al
  22. Hey Bruce If you want to stay 6 volt the Pertronix kit will eliminate the points just get the coil with the kit. Many are using them with no problems. Hope it helps. Al
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