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  1. K_Jordan


    The 49 springs lay flatter (de-arched compared to the 46/48 springs. The wheels are 17x7.5 tires 225/45/r17
  2. K_Jordan


    On my 48 Rear I used 49 springs and 2" blocks.... 1st pic stock springs 2nd pic 49 springs 3rd pic 49 springs and 2" blocks ...
  3. The wheels are stock 17” wheels from a 2004 Magnum base model . Ive had the car for a while. Recently finished up a 318/904 swap (with butches cool stuff kit) 340 intake, stock 340 cam, 600 Edlebrock carb, Skip White HEI Distributor, Dual exhaust, 9" ford rear end from 79 F100 .(drilled axles and drums to correct pattern ) Widened rear fenders 1.5" to compensate for new rear axle, Scarebird disc brakes w 75 mustang II m/c, American shifter floor shift kit , bucket seats....I think that's it for now but more to come..... . The first pic is with the stock 48 springs 2nd is with the stock 49 springs and the 3rd is the 49 springs and 2.5"block
  4. On my 48. I’m running 49 leaf springs and a 2.5 block
  5. And my gauges all work fine with 12v. Resistor for the heater. Resistor for the 6v wipers.
  6. I went 12v with my 48. It wasn't that bad of a process. If I had did a little more research before diving in I could've done the full swap in an hour. I kept all the 6v parts an bulbs. If anyone ever offers the right price and would like it to be 6v, I can make the swap back no problem.
  7. I run a 6v wiper motor from a 46 dodge with a voltage reducer. I did have to make an extension for the vent linkage,but it is still operational.
  8. I went to a local classic european(triumphs, minis, mg's) parts store and they had universal blades(needed to be trimmed down) hanging on the wall.
  9. When power is supplied directly to the park wire, the wiper arms park horizontally. When power is supplied through the switch, the arms park vertical.
  10. Finally got the switch wired and it works fine except....It parks the wipers in a vertical position Is there a way to change this or should I just try another switch?
  11. Thanks Steveplym for the link. I just ordered it and a voltage reducer. I recently pick the wiper motor up from a scrap yard. The guy working there insisted on removing the switch by turning the switch with pliers instead if trying to remove the base. Needless to say the switch was broken. Aleast the wipers work though. Lol
  12. Has anyone used a different switch other than the original? I'm 12v and in need of a switch. Any ideas?
  13. http://www.ynzyesterdaysparts.com/
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