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  1. Another newbie engine rebuild question. I’m working on a 58 truck flathead. My rods have no lock washers. The time between tear down, machine work and now has me forgetting if there were washers originally. The machine shop refurbished the rods and sent them back torqued to spec so I doubt they would have overlooked them. This will eventually go in my 52 Coronet so my manual is for that and the parts book goes to 54 so I need some help.

  2. I’m usually on the car side of the forum since I have a 52 Coronet. I’m rebuilding my first engine which according to the number is from a 58 truck. I don’t have a manual and I’m not sure if there are any differences from the 52 manual. My question concerns piston rings. I’m wondering about the 4th ring that has the u-shaped profile. The other rings have a gap between.010-.012. The 4th ring is a much smaller gap. The 52 manual calls for.007-.015 on all rings. Before I start filing could someone please check on what the 58 truck manual says. Thanks in advance.

  3. Before removing the trans place wooden wedges between the flywheel part of the fluid coupling and the coupling itself. Cut slots in the wedges and use safety wire to hold them snug. It’s easy to crack the carbon seal in the coupling with any lateral movement. Carefully pull the trans straight back.

  4. I know the slot in the piston faces away from the valves. What direction does the stamped number on the rod face? My picture isn’t clear enough. I’m pretty sure the number faces away from the valves as well.

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