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  1. Are you determined to keep the 12 volt conversion? A properly maintained 6 volt system works great. If staying 12 volt then I’m sure someone has successfully done this.
  2. I would check yours first. That trans is pretty bulletproof. It’s probably something simple.
  3. The Gyromatic doesn’t take a 12 volt conversion well. I have the same trans in my Coronet and it works great. The other problem you may run into is converting to electronic ignition. It can be done but research this forum for the correct way to do it. Without knowing how the 12 volt was done I’m afraid you will have to do a hand over hand check of the wiring. If you have a service manual check how your wiring compares to stock. Good luck.
  4. Does your stock pulley have a flat on one side? I’m not familiar with the DeSoto setup. On the D24 I used to have if I didn’t index that flat properly getting the belt off was almost impossible. Just out of curiosity what is the advantage of a larger diameter pulley?
  5. Doug&Deb

    Seat belts

    How did you attach the upper mounts? I have lap belts but your setup looks much safer.
  6. Doug&Deb


    Thanks, I’ll try it. Someone replaced the stock wheels with police wheels and the covers don’t stay on well. I have a set of stock wheels but the tires are smaller and the speedo is off a bit. Plus I haven’t been able to find another wheel for my spare. I have a spare that matches the police wheels so the silicone will help.
  7. Doug&Deb


    I seem to recall someone recommending putting silicone on full wheel covers to retain them. I’m thinking of trying this. Any suggestions on how much to use? Also, can the covers be removed easily in the event of a flat tire?
  8. Welcome! Lots of knowledge on this forum. Looks like you have a solid start.
  9. There is a way to run two 6 volt optima batteries wired together. I’m not sure if it’s series or parallel. It doubles the amperage to the starter but still charges normally. I’ve seen this in an article but the details escape me. Perhaps another member has a better understanding.
  10. There is a troubleshooting manual available on the Imperial website. What problems are you having? I have a 52 Coronet also. The trans is pretty bulletproof but can be finicky at times. I’ll be glad to help if I can.
  11. Doug&Deb

    Rim size

    I’ll try that. Can the caps still be removed easily?
  12. Doug&Deb

    Rim size

    If I could figure out how to keep the full wheel covers from popping off I’d keep the police wheels on the car. I’ve bent the tabs out to the point that I have to really hammer the caps on. Doesn’t help. I don’t like the look of the poverty caps on the slotted wheels but they don’t fall off. Of course I’m running D-24 caps now which isn’t correct either. I wish the previous owner had kept it stock. Oh well.
  13. Doug&Deb

    Rim size

    My plan is to go back to the bias ply tires. I know I’m going to get knocked for that but I’m not comfortable with the extra side load that radials put on the suspension. I have 5 police wheels but I don’t want to sell them till I find a rim for my spare.
  14. Doug&Deb

    Rim size

    Late 47 through early 49 used 15 inch. I’m not sure of the width. I had a 49 1st series D-24 with 15’s but I sold it 6 years ago. I’m not having any luck finding any old stuff in my area so I may order a new wheel from wheel vintiques.
  15. Doug&Deb

    Rim size

    Can someone with a 48 D-24 check their service manual to see what size rims are called for? My 52 Coronet came with police wheels. I replaced them with what I believe are D-24 wheels. I’m supposed to have 15x5 rims. If I’m measuring correctly these are 15x4.5. They work fine but I’m trying to find one more for a spare tire and I want it to match size wise.
  16. Nice ride! The Deluxe is much more rare than the Custom trim level. Enjoy!
  17. I have a set of the police wheels with good tires. I hated the look on my Coronet. Fortunately I found a good set of original wheels. Now if I could just find one more for a spare. Someday.
  18. So sad. Deepest condolences to his family. I’ve followed his adventures since the early days of this forum. He’ll be deeply missed.
  19. Mopar switched from 16 to 15 inch wheels late in the 47 model year. The 16s may be original.
  20. Amen. Couldn’t have said it any better.
  21. It’s usually something simple. Glad you got it fixed.
  22. I believe that’s correct. Remember to finger tighten the intake and exhaust together only until you’ve tightened them to the block. Otherwise you’ll almost certainly crack one or the other.
  23. Sounds like you made a good score. Keep us posted on your progress. Hopefully your back is better soon. I’m facing possible back surgery in the near future so I understand. Btw I understand that you’re the best guy to ask about the M6 trans and fluid drive unit. How would I search for this on the forum? I’m not having problems, just like to keep informed. Thanks and good luck.
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