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  1. It may restrict movement. They’re meant to fit one way.
  2. Generic carb linkage clips are what I used. Take the link to your local parts store. Be mindful that there are left and right clips.
  3. I believe the torque converter shares engine oil.
  4. The carb should be a Stromberg BXVES. The magnetic dash pot is on the front of the carb and 2 wires attach to it. The kick down switch is on the rear of the carb and is activated by the throttle linkage. I’m at work so I don’t have pictures but if you google that carb you’ll see what I mean. It’s possible that you have the wrong carb.
  5. Also I recommend the Imperial club website. They offer repair and troubleshooting manuals for download.
  6. I doubt that is included with the harness but it should be available. Try eBay. Don’t get sticker shock. Electrical parts for these trannys are expensive.
  7. No problem. Glad to help. Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. I always re-check after a few heat cycles.
  9. This may should dumb but should the choke be turned around? Something doesn’t look right. Is that the choke that was on your engine ? There were 2 different assemblies. 49-52 Plymouth and Dodge used a choke that mounted ahead of the carb. It’s much harder to find.
  10. YNZ Wiring was who I used. Rhode Island Wiring is another source. You need the Gyromatic harness. I believe it’s around $225.00. Installation is simple with the instructions they provide. I also recommend going to the Imperial club website. They have troubleshooting manuals available for download. I know from my experience how much trouble bad wiring can cause. I’ll be glad to help with any questions you have.
  11. I’m assuming you have the Gyromatic trans. It will upshift with no wiring connected but not downshift. So yes it can be driven just remember to disengage the clutch when stopping. I bought a trans harness from YNZ Wiring for my 52 Coronet and I’m very happy with it. Their customer support is good also. I’m not sure which resistor you’re referring to. There’s a circuit breaker in the square block mounted to the air cleaner brace.
  12. Are you talking about the rod from the choke assembly to the carb? There’s a set screw on the choke that adjusts the position of the rod. The service manual specifies how it’s done. If you don’t have the tool to lock the rod in place a drill bit will work.
  13. Thanks everyone. I’ll check for leaks first then try hooking up a gauge to check pressure.
  14. Good idea on the gauge. I’m not able to drive it as much as I’d like. The deer are in rut and I have no desire to hit one. I assume you plumb the gauge between the mechanical pump and the carb?
  15. I’m trying to determine whether my fuel pump is going bad or if heat is the problem. When going up hill at temperature my Coronet sometimes acts like it’s not getting fuel. Kicking on the electric pump cures the problem. This only happens when the temperature gauge shows 200 degrees. The mechanical pump is 2 years old and the pin isn’t coming out. There are no leaks that I see. Any thoughts?
  16. Nice looking truck. I find it odd that auto makers updated their post war trucks a year earlier than the cars.
  17. That last picture could have been an ad back in the day. Beautiful car and beautiful scenery.
  18. That housing is available from Bernbaums reasonably priced.
  19. 102 horsepower and 186 lb./ft. if torque
  20. With all the threads concerning overdrive I seem to recall Chrysler offering overdrive behind the semi auto trans in 41-42. I’m wondering if anyone has fitted overdrive behind the post war M6 trans. That would be a versatile setup but probably complicated.
  21. The inner fender has a removable panel that allows access to the valves. Be sure to wear heavy gloves to protect your hands from the heat.
  22. I would put .014 clearance on both cold. This will allow the engine to run until fully warmed up . Then adjust the valves according to the service manual.
  23. Scarebird. I’m very happy with it.
  24. Looks good. I like the pinstripe idea. My D24 had a double pinstripe on the wheels even though the trim ring covered it.
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