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  1. OK, I'll send in my dues...one of these years.
  2. Marc, I think I need to join your procrastinators club! Last fall, I finally installed some new windows in our house...we had purchased them in 2009! 😄
  3. I have a small tube of speedometer cable lube I bought at NAPA probably 25 years ago. I would guess they still sell it.
  4. I use any pipe thread sealant with ptfe.
  5. I haven’t used this particular style of needle & seat, but in general, Daytona parts have worked well for me.
  6. The correct AC plug looks to be a R45. Not sure how that differs from your R45S.
  7. belvedere


    Andy Bernbaum and Vintage Power Wagons are a couple of good sources.
  8. Thanks for the history lesson...always interesting.
  9. My '57 Plymouth also uses the 1080.
  10. He stated that the hole is 0.877”, so far too small.
  11. I would normally agree with Los Control about the mis-boxed part possibility. But in this case, the dimensions listed for the correct part number match the bushing he has. It’s the dimension of his crank that is off. That’s what makes it such a mystery to me.
  12. That’s what I was thinking too, but AB shows the same bushing for all years and engine sizes. From what the OP told us, the ID in his crank is not even close. I’m not sure where to go from here...
  13. Not sure what’s going on. To my knowledge, these engines all used the same bushing (someone please correct me if I’m wrong). The new bushing is listed as having a 0.941” OD, so it sounds like you have the right one. Does the hole in crank look clean?
  14. I had the springs re-arched years ago on a 67 Plymouth. In less than a year, they had settled right back down to where they started.
  15. I would suggest Espo Springs n Things.
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