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  1. Once you start replacing parts, it’s a slippery slope...
  2. Do you have an infrared thermometer? If so, shoot the thermostat housing when the engine is fully warmed up. If it’s around the 180 range (thermostat rating), you’re good.
  3. You’ve probably already checked, but Andy Bernbaum and Deception Pass both have lots of NOS parts.
  4. The argument that multi-viscosity oils such as 5W- and 10W- are “too thin when cold” makes no sense. A cold 5W30 has a MUCH higher viscosity than a hot 30.
  5. Something doesn’t add up. If something failed in the flywheel/clutch area (which sounds likely), it still shouldn’t have jumped forward if the transmission was in neutral.
  6. Yeah, that is interesting. Almost looks like a mechanical gauge of some sort, but really hard to tell.
  7. The instructions with the HEI kit say that all the distributor parts (plus the HEI coil) are from an '82-'84 S10 with a 2.8 V6. The optional round coil fits a '77-'84 Ford.
  8. ethanol-free, minimum 87 octane
  9. The gasket between the manifolds should be a Felpro 8011. Otherwise the entire manifold gasket set is MS8009B.
  10. I had a mess with mine: all 4 bolts were broken off. The machinist removed them, but I can't remember what he said he did for repair (whether he tapped the existing holes or installed helicoils). Then, between being warped and probably not bolting together perfectly after the repairs, he had to weld a couple surfaces to build them up, and then machined it all flat. When I picked it up, it was all assembled with new bolts and machined. He said to just install it as-is. Based on that, I'm guessing you'll be fine to just have it machined as an assembly.
  11. Have you checked with Daytona Parts Co?
  12. OK, I'll send in my dues...one of these years.
  13. Marc, I think I need to join your procrastinators club! Last fall, I finally installed some new windows in our house...we had purchased them in 2009! 😄
  14. I have a small tube of speedometer cable lube I bought at NAPA probably 25 years ago. I would guess they still sell it.
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