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  1. i'd only wanted to give this stuff away to a local enthusiast, but you guys are making it hard! i'm getting offers for cash, and no trades are coming in, so let me do this: i'm going to wait a little longer for that local who needs all the parts, then i'll start replying to those generous offers for individual pieces that need to be shipped (in the order they came in). i've not shipped large items like this before. any advice on carriers? how does one package things like fenders or the cab face? and stay posted, i've also uncovered a bunch of other parts. i'll upload more photos next weekend. bryan
  2. hood pieces, gas tanks, roof, running boards
  3. fenders, cab front, short sides, tailgate and front, spare tire holder
  4. i'm nearly finished with my B2B restore and find myself with leftover parts, ready for someone else's project. parts are in berkeley, california. will post photos by monday. first dibs for trades: looking for a synchronized tranny, original tail lights and door stops. or if no trades, the person who hauls them _all_ off. send me a PM. here's what i've got: front and rear fender pieces with internal bracketing running boards (a bit dinged, but serviceable) cab, cut into roof - nice condition front nose - grille pieces painted black, headlight rings, headlights, vent, etc. rear panel (section behind the seat) complete (three piece) hood panels bench seat assembly (good framework, needs re-upholstery - rotten guts) shorty bed (this is that rare, 3/4 height bed the US navy seemed to love) back sides tailgate and plenty of angle irons for affixing the bed spare tire carrier gas tank thanks, bryan
  5. hey dave, FWIW, this hemmings article lists over three dozen parts suppliers that specifically handle dodge pickups: http://www.hemmings.com/hmn/stories/2006/04/01/hmn_feature26.html?t=printable
  6. thanks for the welcome and the advice i'm planning on seeing ross at motronix for the brake work this weekend. http://www.motronixauto.com/ when i can safely power it in and out of my own garage, i'll give a shot at wrenching myself.
  7. hello all, this lucky find will make me a new dodge pilothouse owner. this 1950 B has an odd flatbed added (with an extra set of leaves) and i hope will make a great restoration project. it comes with a shed full of extra parts, and the previous owner has made a great start - a clean electrical rewiring (re-built the generator, kept it 6V, and added a fuse block), adding a parking brake, and re-running a new fuel line. although it turns over, the engine doesn't start. he was mid brake job (even has the aamco tool) when other projects overtook him. although i'm handy with a wrench (and have a copy of the shop manual), i've never taken on an auto restoration like this one. i'll be looking for sage advice here. first off, i'm looking for a good mechanic in the san francisco bay area to help me get the brakes finished and the truck running while i catalog the spares and consider my steps. any advice? looking forward to future forum talk, bryan
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