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  1. I'm curious , how much did it run for both bumpers?
  2. My 50 Biz coupe had sat in the weeds since 1968-motor was locked tight. I pulled the head kept soaking her down with a combo of cheap oil and kerosene mixed 50/50. I tried everthing to break her loose with no luck. Finally I hit on the idea of putting her in gear and just rocking it a little back and forth...high gear worked best. she freed up!!! I got it running by priming it with aerosal fogging oil. It smoked and stunk like crazy the first 20 min. or so. That was 2 years ago, she continues to run very smooth-doesn't smoke or use oil . It even starts consistently in below zero temps! I hope you have as good of fortune as I did-I still am amazed I didn't have to rebuild or do valves or anything. Good luck.
  3. I've owned American, German, Italian, English, Swedish, French,and Japanese autos. Based on my 80+ owned I'd rate them as such for reliability and cost of ownership, from best to worst. Best- 1. American 2. Japanese 3. German 4. English 5.French 6. Italian 7. Swedish Really the only truly horrible car was Saab...I really tried to love it . I owned three over 10 years, finally just walked away from the whole marque. I resist the urge to embrace the Japanese cars as the "best" simply because repairs and reliability never came close to the economy of ownership U.S brands provided. I just had a brake job done this week on my 98 Dakota @ $112- My Honda Civic was over $500 . 104,000 miles on the Dakota and thats all I've ever done to it except wiper blades, tires and oil changes...It still has the original clutch!
  4. On mine I had to hook up a real antenae-and make sure all flourescent lights are turned off.
  5. Satin black Is a great choice...I disagree with the other comment. I think the larger body styles are complimented . As all fat people know black is (size diminishing) . I plan on doing my 50 Biz coupe in satin black with black and tan two-tone interior. Of course it's personal taste- my only regret is that satin black is becoming soooo common. Oh well, post pics when your done...I bet it'll look MEAN!!!!
  6. One of my hot rod mags says you cannot rig up a 6 volt positive ground radio to work with a 12 volt system...Anyone found a way around this? I'd love to have a hidden updated stereo and still keep the original one funtional.
  7. I recently purchased a radio for my 50 Plymouth...at first I didn't think it worked. Now I have it playing beautifully. I found out a wire stuck in the back is not an adequate replacement for a real antenae and make sure you don't have any fluroescent lights on when trying to get it to work. Without the lights on I got NO reception and without the antenae it made almost no noise at all...not even static. I'm just dumb lucky...i came really close to ordering all new tubes for it. I'm missing one preset button cover...anyone have an extra for sale? I'm also missing both knobs , but I figure any knob should work? Any help would be great! Thanks-Jim:D
  8. I have a hard time switching over...my 6 volt stuff works great- I would like to add a hidden stereo(with ipod controls) and an external amp and such. Also toyed with the idea of adding heated seats. Anyone running both? goofy ....I know.
  9. I have a 50 Plymouth Biz coupe and am trying to update the brakes. I bought a donor car for parts because I was missing the drivers side rear drum. since I'm changing to discs in the front- can I use two passenger side drums on the back so as to eliminate the left handed thread bolts ? Or I they designed to only work on one side? Thanks-Jim
  10. Up north here it's only $120 in the summer....but around $600 in the dead of winter. I'm hoping for a warm one this winter.
  11. cool motor! If it's locked up and it has a manual tranny-put it in third gear and rockit back and forth..it broke my 50 loose. Also ANYTHING you can lube-lube....generator,waterpump etc. I put penetrating oil in each cyl. and let it set..rocked it added more...let it set. Patience is key. If the motor isn't froze up, I got mine to fire with fogging oil. Good luck, keep us posted as to your progress!
  12. Thats one pretty paint job!I'm excited to see it completed.
  13. I hooked up the radio on the bench to my 6 volt charger and everything lights up except one tube. I'll check radio shack tommorow-if they can't help I can use the helpful links you provided-I see the one place sells the one I need for $2.35...thats my kind of price! Thanks one and all-Jim
  14. Should I have the chassis grounded negative and the bat wire hooked to positive?
  15. I bought a Mopar model 604 off the Bay. I hooked up the wire marked BAT to the negative battery terminal and the rafio chassis to the positive terminal. Nothing at all lights up and it makes no sound. Anything you folks can think of to check would be helpful. Any good sources for radio tubes -capacitors and such? I'm disapointed it doesn't work...but still excited-I paid $36 with shipping , pretty cheap! Thanks- Jim
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