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  1. I decided to have the transmission oil analysis done by Blackstone Labs http://www.blackstone-labs.com/ as I was just interested in seeing what could be learned. I got good news and thought someone might benefit from seeing the report which I will redact and submit again tomorrow. [great point knucklehead] The process was really simple and did not upset my local post office. I found the staff friendly, helpful and informative. Howard
  2. Folks, I have thrown away several sets of Coker's for various reasons. Call Diamond Back, talk to James. I have done business with them for years and have their tires on my 49 Special Deluxe with Beauty Rings...a few bucks per tire but makes all the difference, on my 36 F*rd and on my 55 Nomad, and those are custom redlines. Only use Simple Green for cleaning and spray that on a clean white terry cloth or micro fiber towel, not directly on the tire. I also suggest using one cloth per tire so you are not just moving dirt from one tire to another.
  3. look between the starter mount and the lip Sorry, not good at uploading individual photos so I direct you to this album: https://picasaweb.google.com/105464848349468493648/Magoo#
  4. Well maybe I have finally resolved my overdrive. The image is the section of wire running from the overdrive relay to the solenoid which was pinched between the bell housing and the firewall. It was a dead short to ground. Really looking forward to some trouble free driving.
  5. yes, the ad is there...thanks.
  6. If you get the plunger made please keep me in mind. I'm happy to share in the machine shop costs.
  7. Speedway and Chromeit both stock peep mirrors. Limeworks has peep "like"
  8. Thanks so I'm ordering a gallon from 5th avenue (when ever they return the phone call). Appreciate the help.
  9. Thanks so I'm ordering a gallon from 5th avenue (when ever they return the phone call). Appreciate the help.
  10. Did you come up with a source for the plunger? I need one as well,
  11. Can you elaborate on running the overdrive without the lockout switch and what it may do to the engagement solenoid? Thanks!
  12. Congrats Don, if there is a spare 12 Volt overdrive solenoid in the trunk I would love to buy it. My 49 is off the road again, the hold winding is a dead short.
  13. I have had my solenoid out and of course a good deal of oil has self drained from the transmission. Thinking if I were to change to a synthetic this would be the time to do so. Has anyone done so and what were the results? Any while I am asking (and yes I have searched) what is the total capacity of the transmission and overdrive. Thanks
  14. I've had one set of Cookers only and tossed them within two years. I have had several sets of Diamond Backs in various cars and not on yellowing issue. Do not use whitewall cleaner. Spray Simple Green on a clean terry towel rag and wipe lightly at least once per month. I'm running Michelin Diamond Backs with Whitewall and Beauty Rings on my 49. Talk with Jim up there. He knows his stuff.
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