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  1. And as luck would have it, I have a meat thermometer!
  2. Thanks guys. I didn’t think of the simple thing like a thermometer in the radiator. I’m a Corvair guy and only have two old timers with radiators. The radiator was cleaned externally and flushed internally.
  3. The car is all stock and runs like a dream. Had brake and starter issues that have been sorted out. I noticed it ran at about 200 degrees. It had a leak in the radiator and a leak in one hose. Hoses have been replaced, radiator has been repaired. I put in a new 180 thermostat just to be safe. The gauge now goes to 212 which is the max. I am not convinced the gauge is accurate but it does work. Should I drop back to a 160 degree thermostat, should I consider a new water pump. This is my first Plymouth and first vehicle ever with a flathead so I am struggling with this temperature issue.
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