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  1. I completely agree with you, based on the data it is quite certain that it is a type from the 2nd half of 1954 as you indicated and that there is an incorrect registration in Belgium. That provenance research isn't to know the car's pedigree (although it can be interesting). I bought this car from a Dutch dealer who in turn bought it from his heir from a barn find after a death. As a result, there were no papers and registration number with the car. The car must therefore still be officially imported into the Netherlands from Belgium and without papers, the RDW must therefore determine the origin and determine that the car e.g. not registered as stolen in Belgium. and if the car was already allowed in Belgium, it will not have to be inspected here in the Netherlands. Is also about payment of tax (wouldn't be necessary for this car based on age). if provenance research does not cause any problems, the car can be labeled and I am sure that when it is completely refurbished, I can simply get a registration number for the car. So if I don't do research and fix the car first, I run the risk that I won't get a license plate. Incidentally, it costs 270 euros for that examination and another 120 extra to have that check-up at my door instead of having to go there by car.
  2. thanks for help. To summarize: The car would therefore have been built as a Plymouth 6 P25 in detroit in 1954. Subsequently relabeled from the factory to a Dodge Kingsway. So that relabeling was done in the factory and not by a later owner, which I understand. The Factory subsequently struck an extra D for the P25. the motor is a 230 flathead 6 what i understand? Then something strange: I just called the Dutch RDW (Dutch car registration service) and they could find the chassis number in a Belgian database and it turned out that he had a license plate there and was deregistered. What was striking, however, was that the person indicated that the first admission of the car would have been on 15-09-1949, so that is 4 years before 1954. I am now going to have the RDW carry out a preliminary investigation to establish the identity of the vehicle, and see what comes out of that. costs about 400 euros (including a visit on location)
  3. I made the serial number of the engine itself a bit more visible and took a picture of it. below again all pictures of ID numbers. Looks like I found that at https://www.allpar.com/threads/1928-1957-chrysler-dodge-plymouth-fargo-and-desoto-car-truck-and-military-vehicle-model-data- guide.237290/ The DP25 on motor numer in combination with the chassis number points to a Playmouth 6 from 1954 US build But on the plate it says "constructeur Dodge" furthermore, a D has been placed before the engine number. The car also has the Dodge decorations. It all remains very confusing. I have to look for some parts such as some crome, logos, a right front door, inner panel windows etc. etc. but without knowing the exact type / model it is difficult to find the right parts.
  4. what do you mean with firewall tag? the picture below? there is also a plate with chassis number in the door frame on the right
  5. is this car also build in Europe? Becouse i'm in Europe (Netherlands) and car was registerd in Belgium? or was not build in Europe and should it be build in USA/Canada/Australia?
  6. as far as i know it has a flathead six motor
  7. thanks for the responses. based on partial logo on the side, the chrome on the side, lamps and a few more things I would indeed also think of the Kingsway. Grill, bumper and various other things are different and look more like the meadowbrook But I see countless different versions of each model. makes it difficult. Is it possible to find out the exact right model based on frame number? Seems fairly important to me for finding parts, I need things like right front door, inner panel door, chrome for right side and more. But then I have to know the exact right model for which I have to search.
  8. Good day, I bought an Oldtimer Dodge. was available as a 1953 Dodge Kingsman D49-2. But something doesn't seem to add up. However, have trouble identifying him. Had found some things but then the info just doesn't quite match. what I found was e.g.: https://www.t137.com/registry/help/otherengines/otherengines.php https://www.allpar.com/threads/1928-1957-chrysler-dodge-plymouth-fargo-and-desoto-car-truck-and-military-vehicle-model-data-guide.237290/ some info about the car: chassis number: 13743997 (or I3743997?) Engine Number: DP25 352768 Type: D 49-2 The car was found/bought in Belgium (I am from the Netherlands myself) all the info I find, however, the Chassis numbers or engine numbers do not match. How do I find out what type this is now and where can I find more information about the car and where it was built, etc. This so that I can better look for parts and information about the car that can help me with the restoration of this beautiful car. Photos I find never quite match. Greeting Daniel
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