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  1. Jonnyz72

    1947 Desoto

    A 1947 Desoto I'm trying to bring back to life.
  2. I put new coil springs in the front & had to cut one coil off because the flathed & fluid drive was so much heavier than the 318 & torqueflight. I bought the springs from Kanter auto.
  3. Hi, I put a 318 & torque flight in my 47 Desoto. I made my own motor & transmission mounts, added a disk brake conversion but, used the original suspension & rear end. I'm currently rebuilding another steering gear box to replace the worn out one thats currently in the car. I posted some videos on youtube. you can find them by searching 1947 Desoto. my youtube name is jonzavrel. sorry I don't know how to share the link here. Good luck with your project!
  4. Yes the flathead was VERY heavy & the fluid drive trans weighs at least twice as much as the torque flight I am using.
  5. I have my 318 & 904 installed in my 47 Desoto. I'm using the stock steering & suspension. You can email me to find out what I've done. jonzavrel@yahoo.com
  6. Yes, the frame & front end is original. The motor & trans are the only non stock components.
  7. They are all decals I found on EBay. I customized a stock air cleaner to make it look more vintage. I want the car to look like it came from the factory with a 318 in it.
  8. Finally got the motor & transmission in the car!
  9. Thanks for all the advise. The motor is installed & it looks beautiful. I will post pictures when I get the chance. Working 50-60 hours a week & raising a toddler take up most of my time, but I manage to squeeze in an hour in here & there on the Desoto. I really appreciate all the advise! -Jon
  10. Jonnyz72

    The motor is in

    The318 is in
  11. I went to the show, fantastic cars! The blue '48' Plymouth is a beautiful car.
  12. Hi I have A '47' Desoto. It's almost the same car as the Chrysler. I ordered a disc brake conversion kit from Kanter. It was expensive, $750. It hasn't arrived yet but I'll let you know how it works out. I'm willing to pay for convenience.
  13. I've decided to put a 318 V8 & automatic transmission in my '47' Desoto. Just wondering if anyone else has done this? Or if they have any pictures or advice. I've posted a few pics of my cars & the progress I've made. I am using the original Desoto frame with home made mounts, I also plan to use the original suspension, rear end, and as much of the original car as possible. I'm only interested in a stock 318 upgrade + auto trans & 12v electrical. Its not going to be a street rod, just something i can drive fairly reliably.
  14. 318 V8 & auto trans in a 47 Desoto
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