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  1. I have been reading a lot about rear ends and axels being swapped. I have seen where there are some that are almost a bolt in and then again I read that people have to do a lot of work in order to make things work or line up. My question is what are the dimensions of a 48 Plymouth coupe rear end and if you know what rear end will work as a bolt up with disc brakes. One more question I have is there a car or truck frame that a 48 P15 coupe will bolt up to and still have the look of an old body but more modern features.
  2. Thanks to all you guys and ladies that responded to my question. I will take follow each response and see what I can find out.
  3. I have a 48 Plymouth coupe with a R10 overdrive that I'm having a problem with. The car has been changed over to 12 volts so I was told that the wiring to the R10 is different from the 6 volt system. I installed a flip switch on the dash that I flip to make the R10 go into overdrive and it does kill the engine but the only trouble is that the engine stays off unless I flip the switch back off and the R10 doesn't go into overdrive gear. When I do this procedure I have the overdrive cable handle pulled out. I had a wiring diagram once but I have lost it somewhere in our move. If anyone has the w
  4. I guess I'm missing something here. I don't know where there is a grease zerk to grease the back wheel bearings in these old cars. I have always had to take the wheel bearings out wash them in a solvent blow dry and pack new grease in by hand or use a grease tool from auto parts store. I have never seen on for the axel bearings before. What car are you all talking about.
  5. Plymouth Adams what do you mean what else have I changed in the process. I have not changed the rear brakes, I haven't changed anything except for the entire brake lines from back to front. A while back I changed the back shoes and wheel cylinders and a new master cylinder. I changed the brake rod link to what I thought was right. The front brake hoses were changed to the disc brake caliper. I have checked for leaks and there were non found in the lines or cylinders. pump the brakes and get no pressure at all. Master is full of fluid and when brake peddle pumped no air bubbles come out of the
  6. Ok guys I once again got a little time to work on the disc brake again. I have gotten a 2# pressure valve and a 10# valve on the brake lines and also took out the valve in the master but still have know brakes. I can't seem to get any pedal pressure on the brakes. I can't seem to figure out what i am doing wrong. I have adjusted the rod going to the master from the brake pedal trying to get the rubber cup washer in be tween the two holes on the bottom of the master. it is hard for me to see if this is correct or not but I think it is. any suggestions would be appreciated
  7. Plymouth Adams what small hole are you refurring to on the end cap of the master cylinder? is it the hole that is in the end cap that is on the inside of the threads of the end cap?
  8. Thanks guys for the answers you all have given. I took the master down out of the car and took out the rubber cup like item hoping it was the this was the valve you are suppost to remove. Put the master back on the car and filled with fluid pumping slowly till all air seem to be out of master but never got any peddle on the brake, I called napa and they don't have a 2lb pressure valve and nor does auto zone or oryles. does anyone know where I can get one and I am assuming I also will have to put a 10lb one in for the back brakes? One other thing is when I took the master out the cap unde
  9. So what I am getting from this discussion is that I don't have to do anything to the master cylinder at all but I do need to put some kind of 2psi valve on the line that goes to the front disc brakes or am I not reading this right. I am still not sure how to go about getting this done any suggestions or pictures would be of a great benefit
  10. I am putting scarebird disc brakes on my 48 Plymouth coupe and I have read that some guys do nothing with their master cylinder and they work just fine and others say they had to remove the valve to make them work. My question is how do you know if your valve needs to come out or not?
  11. There are only 4 bolts that hold the transmission to the bell housing two on each side. The transmission will come out of the bell housing with some resistance but it will come off. Be sure you have someone there to help you as it is quite heavy and keep it at a level as it has to come out of the though out bearing and the pilot bushing. I have changed three and sometimes you have to pry between the bell and transmission to break it loose. Good luck.
  12. I don't know much on the heater motor except people saying you can use a 12 to 6 volt converter but they can get hot so I haven't did mine yet either many people say it is best to find a 12 volt motor for the heater. When I went to 12 volts I went with the one wire alternator and it works great. My wiper motor is still vacuum run so I didn't have to change that. There is a site on the web that can change your old generator over to 12 volt if you want to keep the old look on the car but I didn't have the money to do that either. I do like the fact that the car starts much easier on the 12 volt
  13. Hey guys I have been thinking about the disc brake conversion on the 48 P15 and have read here and other places that it is pretty easy if you chose the right kit. When it comes to brakes I am a little scared of making a mistake all I need is to going down the road and the car doesn't stop. I have read about the master cylinder changes you have to do and then others say they put a dual master on after doing the change. All this talk is some kind of Greek to me because I just don't understand how a dual master is or how it would mount up. Any pointers out there that can shed some light with pic
  14. Hi guys I took the drums off the front and took the brakes off. I looked at them and found on one side the cylinders were leaking making the shoes grab in the forward movement. I have ordered some front cylinders from Napa at $25.00 a piece. I also had the drums turned today so they are nice and round. Just as soon as the order comes in I will put back together and see if they will work as they should. Shouldn't be no reason why they shouldn't after this. One comment was to change to disc brakes and I have read about them but I don't under stand what you have to do to the master cylind
  15. Not sure but I will have a check
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