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  1. My B1FA with dump body and me sitting in the driver's seat weighs 7,800lbs there abouts when I weigh out at the scrap yard.
  2. Not on my Dodge, but I have an M105 a2 military trailer bed on my pickup and also a trailer. The govt. used a canvas cover made like a tube ans sewn on the inside. They are rotting off now, but have been there in the weather a long time.
  3. This weekend I have hauled 3500 lbs of scrap, a 3400 lb scrap car, 2 loads of wood chips, one load of logs, and is now sitting with half a load of scrap metal in it again. There is no modern truck out there that I would like more or could afford now! Once I get rid of the scrap I have to load a bunch of rotten planks and scrap wood to clean up the backyard. Wait 'til you see my new pintel plate I had installed! A bit of wiring, a brake controller and this truck will be more handy than a swiss army knife!
  4. HAHA! I hear ya! You know my truck...It still has the old cracked to crap 8.25 recaps on the rear! I have another set of tires for it, but would like to wear these out first. I did laugh because of the 35 to 40 mph comment! That's a real comfortable speed with our size trucks!
  5. I can't agree more! I love my grossly under powered flat head! I don't really care how many Subarus and Prius are stacked up behind me! LOL! On another note.....I'd love to have that pilothouse for an everyday run about!
  6. Don't really know. Mine is a worker. So after dumping a load of scrap metal off I go to the Case IH dealer to get some baling twine. The owner says, "I love that truck, you wanna sell it?" Nope, but I'll trade you for that new inline baler outside....even up. I can call for a ride. "Nope", he says. Guess it wasn't worth the almost 20K LOL! To me it's worth more. Hate the thought of being without it now!
  7. I had a small hay delivery today so my Daughter and I loaded up 50 bales and headed out. Once there and unloaded, we bought 2 jars of the fella's own honey and were rewarded with a couple of Jersey Mac apples. Driving home off the Hill down Center road with a great view, eating an apple and sharing the moment with my little girl......Fellas, life just doesn't get any better!!!!!
  8. New Hampshire requires a safety only on older vehicles. Anything '95 and newer(OBD II) requires a plug in emissions test too. Bet your bottom dollar that come the 10th of each month NH State Troopers are out looking for expired stickers. I remember when emissions tests first came into being in the '80's. If it didn't pass you just plumbed in a vacume leak to fool the machine. Things are better now! LOL! Anyhow, Febuary is my month for inspection....I haven't been driving my truck because it needed work to pass inspection. I had to repair a short in the high beam circuit, the rear rubber brake line to the rear axle was all cracked and frayed, and a couple of other little details needed attention.
  9. Yup, I have it registered just like a modern truck. I use this old girl for my sidework too. Inspection's not a bad thing.......especially on a 60 something year old truck. LOL!
  10. Got it! I put it together and filled her with water. Perfect, no leaks. T stat cycles nicely! Even finally got down to get an inspection sticker this afternoon. Felt great to be out double clutching again! Think I'll drive her to work in the morning too Stumpy
  11. Hey Fellas, My B1Fa runs cold, I bought a new Thermostat for it. Only thing is it's smaller with an adaptor and a sealing rubber. I'm not really sure how it's supposed to be installed. Has anyone seen this contraption? I'd be happy to buy one that fits right. Thanks for the help. Stumpy
  12. Hi Fellas, I haven't posted much, but figured you could use a laugh(at my expense). My B1FA began starting hard and running erratically. I had a hard time finding the cause. Timing, point gap, clean contacts, voltage, etc, etc. while grabbing the lever to throw the bendix in to the flywheel with my right hand my left hand came fairly close to the coil wire! BAM BAM BAM!!!!! I let go of that puppy like a hot potato. When all my bodily functions went back to normal and my vision went back to single, and focused I realized the coil wire had too much resistance. Yup, there was a bad connection at the crimped end and the wire had burnt back internally. A new coil wire and the old girl is running like a champ again! Beware, trouble can sometimes reach out and bite you!!!
  13. That's right, light grey is very grey. The medium is more of a cream with a bit of olive in it. It's a nice color.
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