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  1. Hi, I need new keys for my ‘48 Dodge Coupe. What key blanks do i need and where can i get them from? Thanks
  2. Thanks, would never have guessed Moggy Minor could work...
  3. Does anyone make poly shackle bushings for the rear of a 1948 Dodge? I'd like to tighten the handling up a bit and the rubber bushings I've used in the past were pretty soft and didn't seem to last long.
  4. Thanks for the advice! I've done a couple of windshields on other cars so I'm not too worried about this one and will definitely be getting some help! I'm more concerned about the gasket for the rear glass, I agree is easier to cut more off than add some back but would have thought it would give problems fitting if I leave it long. Should I be sticking the ends together before I install it or wait until it's fitted and just put sealer over the join? RobertKB - would you happen to know the size of the allen screw? Thanks again
  5. Hi, I've got a couple of questions about my '48 Plymouth coupe. I'm fitting a new cowl vent rubber seal but as there was not on the car I'm not sure whether it's supposed to go on the cowl or the vent flap? I'll also be refitting the front and rear windshields soon - I seem to recall reading that the glass is installed in the rubber and then they are both fitted to the car from inside, is this correct? The rear winshield rubber I have needs to be cut to length, should I cut it to fit exactly around the glass or slightly short so that it is a snugger fit? Finally I was wondering how the door locks come out? Thanks
  6. Any pictures of the installation? Any idea if this would work on a '48?
  7. How's your 'hydraulic computer' working out? Do you have part numbers for the bits you used? Thanks
  8. Just read the whole thread - cool build. Funnily enough I saw Jules up at Kiwi Steve's today and he was talking about when you picked the '40 up.
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