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  1. Id say no, whats wrong with cleaner looking one? Is that the one that came out of your car?
  2. Anyone know of a source for B1B running boards?
  3. Mark, believe it or not Im starting to assemble my 50 dodge truck. Where can i find a service manual to help with setting the fenders and hood.
  4. Update, installed motor and transmission last night. 360 dual plane intake, 650 edelbrock, electronic ignition, headers, rv cam, 347 HP and 410 # of torque. As always, didn't have all the parts (transmission mount) to complete install. With no body it was pretty straight forward. Once we have the mount, we can than position ,adjust motor and transmission to get enough clearance for the power steering pump. Then I will mount the cab, radiator support to make sure we have the clearances needed.
  5. MarkAubuchon


    sounds good, like to hear how it turns out
  6. MarkAubuchon

    Mike S

    I agree with ordering the parts off of the distributor number. If you can id pull the distributor and make sure everything is tight, and internal wiring is spaced correctly.
  7. Drive your car to the locksmith they might work on it the parking lot
  8. Lock smith, on my 47, doors and trunk are different keys.
  9. On my 47, disc front and 8 3/4 rear end I used a valve for the front (6) and a second (8)for the rear also used a rebuilt stock MC with 7/8 bore. Stops perfect. With a stock rear end very important you get the shoes adjusted to spec. good Luck
  10. when in doubt, send it George Asche
  11. Good to hear, I also talked with Howard. Original isn't as important now as reliability is. As I have previously mentioned I have driven my car to portland, detroit and vermont even though I have had the generator rebuilt and matched to the regulator by professionals, i still had charging problems.
  12. Just finished the swap over from 12 volt generator to a one wire alternator. Only question is why did'nt i do this sooner. Bought the alternator for George Asche, and the bracket from vintage garage. Hardest part of the switch was painting the bracket. Converted to negative ground, connected one wire from alternator to battery side of the regulator. Starts right up and everything works great.
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