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  1. good advice on standing to the side. Sometimes you really have to beat on them to come off. Next time youll be pro.
  2. Been there done that. If you have the nuts off, hit on the manifolds to break to gasket seal. Once its off you will be able to get the studs out. Good Luck
  3. Stay at it, it will eventually come off. From my experience when it does, you will hear it.
  4. I bought one and have never installed it (lazy) want to install for Septembers trip to the northeast. What type of spark plugs did you use?
  5. Great Progress slow and steady you will get it finished.
  6. Just spoke with George Asche, His main business is alternators and generators. They are going to start making units for old mopars. I placed my order
  7. Thanks for all of the tips. Two companies Howard and Vintage Auto Garage have everything needed to make the change over. Brackets, wire, fuse, correct pulley sizes.
  8. Anyone know of a company that makes a conversion kit for the flathead.?
  9. Let me know the details as well
  10. MarkAubuchon

    P15 PICNIC USA !!!

    Mark, I have been talking with Greg. Reviewing whats the best way to get my 47 East bound.
  11. Any ideas on updating the bench seat in my 50? Want to stay with the bench, wondering if anyone has found a modern more comfortable option
  12. Update, Rear end is in, upper and lower a arms in, replace the stock s10 steering box 16 to 1 with a 84 camaro box 12 to 1, After 6 months of no activity from the engine builder had to repossess, took it to another shop. Initial tear down just a high mileage 360 motor that while worn, probably still had some life left in it. Pulled all the parts out of storage. All the chrome, new glass, window and door seals, all of the gauges have been restored, cab, fenders and grill already painted. Transmission is being built. Probably by mid june Ill have the drive line complete, hopefully installed. We will then set the cab, fenders and grill. Since I'm going to put ac and power steering in it, pretty sure modification will have to be made. Once that in will pull it apart and rework the cab, firewall, fill in the gas tank outlet and few other things. No new pictures.
  13. Im a believer in new plugs. they may look good. from the what it worth department George Asche recommend I use auto lite 045 in my 47 ps you will probably see your gas mileage increase.
  14. I too have had a heck of time finding true 16" wheels, finally switched to 15 " originals but even that was a challenge to find 4 straight ones. On my current project Im buying brand new steel wheels and adding the clips. Need to remember this was never much of problem for the era when most of the roads where gravel and dirt.
  15. Thanks this is perfect You guys ROCK! I guess that's ok for a 60 plus old guy to say.
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