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  1. I have been following your build and your comments on this project. I admire your work. I have a similar car and would like to follow your lead on the wood grain process you will use. When you reinstall the dash, what type of wiring harness will you use?
  2. Is the vacuum line hooked up or plugged?
  3. I suppose I don’t always have spark at the plugs. Checked some previous threads: “Disconnect the wire from the coil and connect your meter to that wire and a good ground. Turn over the engine and you should see continuity to ground when the points are closed” Didn’t happen no continuity, always open. When checked with the distributor out of the car using the ground screw on the distributor and the lead to the meter on the points (with cap off) meter will cycle from continuity to no continuity. So does this must mean I have a bad cap and or a bad ground from the distributor to the motor?
  4. Can I connect the jumber cable to the cable that goes from the solenoid to the starter, after removing the end from the solenoid?
  5. For now the solenoid is bolted to the motor. Will try new solenoid, it will take time to find a new one. Is there any way to by pass the solenoid?
  6. Have spark at the plugs, how much I don’t know but I can see it, pulled all plugs and cranked engine with wires hook up. Timing? Have set number 1 till pressure blows thumb off spark plug hole, then turn engine back ccw till dc on pullly, rotor cap at about 7 o’clock. Fire order 1,5,3,6,2 4 oo on pully. Still no start
  7. Still not able to start my 47 Dodge 6 volt positive ground up. When I hook up the neg battery switched wire to the coil and the neg battery to the small post on the solenoid the starter cranks and there is spark at the coil. Check the solenoid with the wire to the neg battery and the solenoid clicks. Why does the starter crank with out a jumper or remote starter button? Is the solenoid bad? The solenoid is temporally grounded to the engine
  8. Two quick responses. Thanks! I try the picture post now and the quick wire start tomorrow.
  9. First post lot’s of helpful information on this site. I usually log in every day just to see what everyone is up to. I have a 47 business coupe thus my name. 47Dodge3Window. I’ve known this car for the past 10 years being the owner for the last three. Started the end of April, pulled fenders/grill clip. (broke three inner fender bolts off) removed the motor and power washed the exposed frame. Got a little carried away and damaged the tie rod boots. Are the replaceable? Who has them? Installed a used D24 motor from e-bay. Thought I took enough pictures and notes but now I can’t remember where the positive battery cable is grounded to. Thought it might be the generator mounting frame but the bolt are too big for the battery cable. Any way I have a couple of questions. 1. What is the least amount of wires to hook up to try and start this motor? 2. Where does the positive battery cable connect to the motor? 3. Does any one sell tie rod boots? It will be a while before I can figure out how to reduce the size of my pictures for posting.
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