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    mrbobs48 got a reaction from Worden18 in Bracket   
    Thanks I got it now. I love this forum. 
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    mrbobs48 got a reaction from BigDaddyO in Houston we have a problem   
    I called Andy today that's the only one they sell, he said mine must be modified. I went to City Brake and Clutch here in OKC where I had my flywheel, clutch and pressure plate redone. City brake had one that was a perfect match, $2.00.
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    mrbobs48 got a reaction from Mark D in I'm lost   
    Thanks for all the tips, my Pos battery cable runs to the bottom of the motor too. I will try the extra cable to the fender. Ok did the jumper to the starter to battery thing. Nothing ,so I took off the starter and hooked up some jumpers to the battery. It ran twice and then nothing. So I have a short in the starter, I saw sparks out the back . Going to the starter repair shop.
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    mrbobs48 got a reaction from Mark D in New Wiring from Rhode Island Wire   
    I took out all my old 6v wiring 1948 plymouth special deluxe . Rhode Island wiring did my new harness . What a nice wiring harness with numbered schematics and original color wire. My old wiring was broken and spliced into. Good folks to do business with. 

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