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  1. Today I attended the Chrysler Restorers Foundation Day Lunch. Some of the cars there. And really nice work on the cake. 300Km round trip and the DeSoto ran great.
  2. Took the DeSoto to the Bowls Club for the first time today. Got a lot of nice compliments about it. Then getting fuel after, the young bloke behind the counter said "nice car sir".
  3. Hi Andy, got it from Mike at MP Banners, Morwell. <mpbanners.com.au> I supplied the artwork. A picture I found on the net. He is also on FB.
  4. Received my Chrysler Australia MoPar banner today. Looks good.
  5. Won a trophy today at the Chrysler Restorers Display Day. Runner up in the 1955 to 1960 category.
  6. My wife driving. She drove for 100Kms and did really well.
  7. Andy, we get one copy of the mag' sent to our Club monthly, and I grabbed it. lol..I think we send one of ours to NSW as well. All the best Roger.
  8. Hi Andy, I have known of you for years through Ozrodders (user name Ramp) and this Forum. I have the NSW mag with the article about you. I was talking to Editor John at Cowra 3 yrs ago and he was saying he wanted to open up the magazine to cars like yours. Glad he has. I even have a photo I took of your Brown sedan at Narrandera in the 70's. All the best, Roger.
  9. Some photos of the DeSoto on our trip to Adelaide for the Chrysler Restorers National Rally last week. We did 1880Kms, no problems.
  10. Fist drive with the new Permit plates. Drove to Church, but took the long way there and back through the hills.
  11. Andy, it is a single barrel carby, but I do have a XF Weber 2 barrel with electric choke on the shelf. The one on Ebay was a Dodge similar colour. He has listed it twice and both times has ended the auction early. He wouldn't let me see it as he was sick of the attention it drew. Close to me as well. I bought the DeSoto from Ballarat, and drove it 200km home. Ran great.
  12. G'day All, This is my 1955 DeSoto Diplomat Regent. I bought it recently and got a Roadworthy Certificate yesterday morning, and got Club Permit plates in the afternoon. Previous owners have thrown a lot of money at it and all I had to do was replace a defective hydraulic brake light switch. It is a SP25-3 with a 250.6 cu in motor (3 7/16 x 4 1/2) and 3 speed with O/drive. The carby is off a Falcon with aftermarket air cleaner. Electric fuel pump next to tank. It has been repainted at some time and the engine fully recoed. Recently the head has been shaved .050". Now to drive the wheels off it.
  13. I used one of those 12-6v resistors in the aluminium heat sink, on my 52 Dodge. Worked the wipers for the 3 years I had the car. No problems. Maybe yours is faulty.
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