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    I am a 70yr old car idit
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    Hiding from my wife so I can work on my cars instead of house.


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  1. I think 47 heaven has said it like it is. In the time someone writes go to search they could have answered the question. If you don't want to answer DON'T. Bill
  2. NAPA- Carquest -autozone- Advance CK your local auto parts store
  3. If the car is being stored outside it is going down hill faster with each passing day. If you have it covered with a tarp it is worse yet. Sell it and put the money in the p15 or sell the p15 and put the money in the 55. You may not be around in 15yrs. ENJOY TODAY BECAUSE TOMORROW MAY NOT COME. Bill
  4. MY # is 704 855 2727 which is no good becauce i am in N.C. but i do have a copy of fellow pages so am sure I can find him help almost any place. If you encounter any problems give me a ring and we'll be engauged, sorry I ment we'll get you some help.
  5. I don't know why some of you have gotten off on this archives kick. It seems lately a lot of post are answered by find it in the archives. The answer is not always as easy to find for some as for others. If you don't want to answer the post why not just go to the next. If a question is ask 20 times no bid deal. My 3 cents Bill
  6. Weld something to it that you can get a crowbar under and pull it out.
  7. Back in 1953 when I first started driving I had a 40 DeSoto and thought nothing of driving 80 and 90. Different world back then.
  8. I don't see anything conected to the wheels. Hows that puppy going to move? Bill
  9. I would go right to the disy first. Take one with you and change it out.
  10. Bad end to a great week-end! I thought you were going to tell us she dumped you Sunday
  11. The food is always GOOD in N.C. From down town China Grove this is Bill signing off.
  12. Darn You Frankie! Now I need another drink. Bill:D:mad::eek:
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