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  1. That is a great looking dashboard. That is my dash also without a radio, but a cover with a rectangular window in it. I have a blank plate where you have an ashtray and cig lighter. I have the same knobs and the key in the center.
  2. Found a 'dummy' plate which I discovered covers the holes for the radio. Someone cut it in half, end to end. In this dummy plate is a rectangular opening. Is that for an ash tray? Question: Will the A/C from a 89 +/- S 10 Blazer fit under the dash of the Pilot-house. My Blazer is going to be junked, maybe I can transfer and save a few. . .$$$$$ Question: How does one get the control cables to work smoothly again. Is it easier just to buy new ones? If so, where? How does one 'recondition' the knobs. I have all the original ones and would prefer to keep them.
  3. It's just amazing what one learns from this forum. I'm unbolting a 53 pilot house to put in a new engine. The gas tips are invaluable as well as the electrical. I am going to clean, clean, clean the wire connections first before I get a new harness and these comment are so timely for me.
  4. I have my answer, will go with the three speed. I thought the gears may have been divided differently and a four speed would work like a 'gear splitter'. Had a '50 Plymouth years ago, Drove it to Calif and back. Seems we drove around 65 MPH with that, 70 was ok but a bit too fast for a long time, 65 was smoother, so 65 will be OK again. I have downloaded a lot of information over the past two years and will now print that all out and make myself an "instruction manual". Been very good reading.
  5. I have both three and a four speed trannys. I plan to put a 61-72 Ford Country Squire automatic 3.0:1 rear axel and all in. I under stand that 3rd and 4th are 1: to 1: ratios so the top end will be the same. I am told that with this differential the truck should travel nicely between 65 - 70. So then with a four speed will I get a nice 50 mph in third on the four speed? The truck will be a city driver when completed so the four speed division interests me. At this point I am going with the three speed, nostolgic and simplicity. Got the hood off, the radiator out, the fan off, and will go under next to remove drive shaft and drop the tranny. The engine is blown so I have rebuilt ready to go in. Washed , with soap, the old truck and was amazed at how much the color came back. Probably the first soap wash job in 25 years. When I finish I will have a good set of wheels with all clips and hub caps . Any one interested. I will need a '53 grill and name plates for the hood, side and front.
  6. I am in Fresno area, wish you were closer and I would be interested. Any ideas?
  7. Yes, have another one. Maybe it could also be a 'swap meet'. If we had a means of knowing what others need, we could do some exchanging. I got some very good ideas and information at the last one. Will definitly return. PF:)
  8. If I had an extra $500 I might make some calls. I had a 50 plymouth with the same body and they are not easy to find. Redding is dry country so it may not have much body 'cancer'.
  9. My dad bought me one of these in 1958, I was furious but since it as black I cooled abit. It served me well, drove it to Calif and back in 1958. My bro was with me, he asked how fast we would drive, I replied, "watch the heat gauge". We drove across the Mahove Desert in 115 heat at 30 mph but did not stop, at sundown we were back to 60 mph. Wish I had one now. Great color.
  10. These Utes are really trick! Anyone know why Austrialia made Ute pickups and America did not! Was the Ute as much automobile as it was truck in its day? What do others think was the first USA type of ute? The El Camino, The sweptside Dodge, . . . , or did the 'business coupe' serve the same purpose in USA. Others toughts are requested.
  11. Someone has a lot of extra money, the rod is rad alright, but it is not spectacular.
  12. Some months back there was a thread on roll-on paint. I couldn't find it. Question: Who mfr's this paint, where do I inquire?:
  13. You know the guy is committed when he has a bed in the garage!!!
  14. I just got a private message from someone called Janette with a message about Buddism!!! If she broke in, she needs to get her ass kicked out and fast!!!!! This is a CAR site not a place to promote ones religious vent!!!!!
  15. I tried to pull up Leno's site, it took so long I canceled it, besides I would rather see a poorly restored old Plymouth by a crippled ageing old man than a $50,000 car BOUGHT by someone who has more money than he knows what to do with it. I enjoy this forum, it is good reading and I learn a great deal. I really liked the looks:) of that 52 (?) plymouth hardtop that was chopped, neat.
  16. webmaster@ply33.com <webmaster@ply33.com> On the above site I read that the last Plymouth was built in 2001. That was a complete surprise! That Mopar dropped that name is numbing, at best. I wonder how many in the general public noticed that. After reading that and writing this, I still ask, "Is that really true?"
  17. Clements: Northern California, street address would be helpful.
  18. I live 30 minutes from Turners. Their number is 559 237 0918, ask for Jerry. His yard covers about 80 acres and he knows what he has. Prices are fair but I do NOT think you can pick your own parts. Was there on Saturday for some parts for my 89 Blazer. Saw a very nice late 30 mid 40 Desoto four door sedan. Turners is in Fresno CA. Rust is not common here, about 15 inches of rain a year, my father always said it was "drier than a pop-corn fart" in Fresno.
  19. Most interesting chain I have read in some time. I too remember my parents talking about Postum, Geritol, Spam, early margarine (when it was white). Getting old when we start remembering what we once tried to forget.
  20. Was visiting with a local who is known for his 'remaking' of old cars/trucks. He said one could take the drums/rotors to . . . and they punch out the holes to the new desired pattern.
  21. The political / sociological explanation of why the Scandanavians like large cars, and why they could or could not purchase them was a very nice bit of historical perspective. My roots are swedish so it had special interest for me. Thankyou for the insight.
  22. Sounds like it is a push and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am going to stay with two pieces, my preference remains with the original look. The 'pilot-house' body, in my opinion, does lend itself quite nicely to modern modifcations, but not for me. Most may know this, others not, but the 'pilot-house cab is 6 inches wider than Ford and Chevy of the same period, the bed is 6'4" which is longer than ForC, because of the front axle location, it will carry more weight, had electrical wipers vs vacuum, and probably more. Thanks for the replies.
  23. I see one piece windshields in some trucks. I will need two new windows so will need all the 'edge molds' as well, so. . . is there an economic advantage to a one piece when all is considered?
  24. Not a true restoration!! The last post is accurate; we are only going for street worthy without destroying the vintage truck. If it won't bolt on, it won't go on. I admire those of you who have the ability, time and money to RESTORE!, but do understand that some of us just want a dependable old truck something like we drove to high school. My brother and I drove a '38 3/4 T Chevy in Western Nebraska. It did NOT have: windshield wipers, heater, glass window on the driver's side, complete floor boards but we never got stuck and we never broke down, and we didn't have "paved roads"!!! So please do not get too narrow eyed at some of us who do not have skills or money some of you have. OK? I posted the document for its intended 'value' that is all. Having said all that, Happy New Year to All and keep posting, this is the best most positive and encouraging elctronic newspaper in the world and you guys are great!! Thank you for your advice.
  25. Bob, next time you come down, call, we'll do lunch. My friend put a 61 -72 Ford Country Squire Station Wagon: ratio 3.0:1; brakes 11 x 2.50. This axel bolts in without modification. It should cruise @ 70 mph @ 2500 rpm. Use 15’ 31050 tires on the rear. I am going to do the same.
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