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  1. I mean no offense to other engines. it's ny opinion that to see one that runs so well, that, has been restored,, I think it just surprises some. I like the flathead six, it's just me, the sound, the torque,  it's just a joy. Maybe at age 79 it speaks louder to me than to others.  

    A year before my shop fire scorched my truck that was in the fire, I drove it to the large redwood trees in the Sequoia National Forest, which are about 50 miles from our home. Two visitors to the park were from Germany, a father and his 20 year old son.  They were amazed to see such a vehicle drive into the parking lot. They said that they only saw such vehicles in museums. When I opened the hood and then started the engine for them, they were ecstatic. With their camera, I took several pictures of them by the truck. It was a fun time for all.  Before the fire and after pictures of my truck. 



  2. Tim, that response is a fantastic example of professionalism. You could have bashed me 10 ways to Rome, instead, you convinced me that if I'm serious about an overdrive, I should stay with what was designed for my transmission. Yes, it does sit back but I'm putting in bucket seats and the  shift lever will be in the area of my knee. 

    Marketing this is not my current goal, that goal is a shifter for my car for me. I have sold three OD's to George so we've met on the phone.

    Thank you for your response, once I have driven with it Ivwill report back. With an upcoming knee surgery Sept 5, my next project is War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy. The book is by my elbo as I type. 

  3. Primarily the fabricated floor shift. I will add an overdrive later. I've found and sold 6 R10 OD's. My personal concern on them is the potential cost to rebuild one including all electrical. From my causal observation that is a bit technical and the solenoids are not Walmart items. Yet in good shape they are historically quite dependable. 

    The shifter I fabbed from a photo, not my design. It is uncomplicated and will serve my purposes very well. The tranny and OD are not on the engine yet. 

  4. I'm not a Ford advocate, yet I have an 87 T-Bird parked. I parked it at 3OOK. It has never been opened has a 5.O EFI engine. I never replaced the spark plugs nor the wires because it always passed Calif smog up to the day I parked it. That Bird had a sports suspension in it but not all that crazy plastic stuff. It was one of the best driving cars I've ever owned. Aside from brake pads on the front, tires and battery, the only thing I ever did to it was replace one water pump.

  5. That is a nice looking truck. Ever notice that people do not see the little things that seem to irritate us? If it runs down the road with the traffic, to the average bear, that's fantastic.

    We need to take our trucks to Yosemite after the BBQ, stay a night then head home. Looking forward to ''journeying" with you to Tims. With Mark Hayward's coupe riding shotgun, we'll have quite a convoy. Others from the south are invited to join up with us.

  6. I should have added in my  blog, that I have never been in a round of debate, never studied it academically, had only 6 hrs. of speech in Undergraduate studies and never taught speech. Knowledge and adaptability are key, which is why I ask questions most often "why" questions. If you know why, then you can choose between the "hows" based upon your preference, tools available, skills, etc. 

  7. As always, it's buyer be aware which has been shortened to 'buyer beware'. I am very conservative on things I buy today. My wife wanted a new sofa that was in a 'going out off business' "sale". I chopped his 'sale price' and got another $200. 00 off.

    Car part prices I pay according to urgency which I try to avoid by buying three to six months ahead of my need. That way I work hard to get my price and I no longer have that "I can't walk away" fear.

    To forum members I price 'fair' usually 60% of VPW and negotiate from there. I fully agree with the relationship factor especially on the forum. I gave a four speed sync tyranny

    to a member. When he picked it up, he handed me a crisp $50 bill for "steam cleaning" it.

    So for me, patience in buying makes this hobby afordable.

  8. To me it's all 'entertainment'. I quit watching because of the negative bantering between fathers and sons. In somewhat the same vein, I quit my subscription to Classic Trucks because all the trucks featured were those that had used products they advertise. 


    I do like American Pickers mostly because of the people who have been collecting for decades. Just amazing what some folk kept.


    Globe Classic Cars bought 240 + Chryslers between the years of 1952 and 1970 all from ONE collector. Just amazing. I will see that collection in a week or two. They are now moving 20 cars a day from Turlock, CA to Fowler.  

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