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  1. bought the kit. Parking brake? lol not yet anyway. Shaft I had, was in the trunk of a car I bought. Was GM so the splines were perfect as was the length.(lucky). Just used the conversion u-joint.
  2. YA If your lucky, traffic here is terrible now. can't wait to leave this state. No discs....left the rest alone.
  3. Best change yet, was not a straight conversion as I had the fluid drive. (bellhousing etc had to also be changed). but here in Socal on the fwys...65-70 all day long. Factory rear end still too.
  4. circa 1960, found on Ebay years ago
  5. Good eye...easier than frenching.... ( plus I have the 54 sitting in the shop )
  6. Been awhile since I have been here ( life is just too busy) so thought I would show you what I have been up to. I know it is not everyones "cup of tea" but I built it my way. In the style of a 60's mild traditional custom. The only drivetrain mod has been the addition of a t5 5 speed. Here are some pics. Currently building a 1954 Plymouth Plaza Wagon too.
  7. Thx for the lead, we be doing a bench tear down today.
  8. Thx Andy, that is my biggest concern. Makes me feel better.
  9. No, it's a w engine, went thru that first. But who knows where that pump came from
  10. So I pulled this pump off my Plaza wagon today and need help sourcing one. Looks nothing like what I am used to, the drive arm is in a different direction compared to my '49 or my '50 218motor. Has a primer arm in it also. Any input appreciated. Rebuild carb, rebuilt distributor and now she fires and runs as long as I fuel it. Looks nothing like all parts stores on line.
  11. THX Bob, and oh I am having a blast with it trust me.
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