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  1. Norman Milliner (Sr) has past away. He was a frequent contributor to the forum and was always eager to assist fellow members with advice and practical solutions. For additional information and the obituary announcement, please see the thread in the forum for January 3 ,2010. Thomas Russom
  2. Mary Milliner has informed me that Norm (Sr) has past away. Funeral services are at Wisconsin Memorial Park Chapel 13235 West Capitol Drive Brookfield WI( western Milwaukee) on Monday January 4. Visitation 10:30 AM until service at 12:30 with military honors. He became ill after blowing snow on Christmas Eve and was hospitolized. He died of of heart related difficulties. He was a frequent contibutor to the forum. Even with severe arthritis, he remained active and continued to work on his 1948 Plymouth coupe. For additional information or to leave a memorial note, access JSOnline obituary( Journal Sentinel newspaper Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Thomas Russom
  3. I now hold the office of Secretary for the POC Dairyland Region. I have recorded all meetings I attended nationally or locally and I have learned and observed much. First, I am sorry that members have been treated harshly, a critical spirit does permeate the organization. Mailing out the Plymouth Quarterly is a huge expense and takes up a major portion of the budget. While printed in the USA, it is actually shipped to Sweden and mailed from there to obtain the most economical postage delivery. Requirements for national president are past local presidency or a previous National Oficer position. I never knew of Nick DeSimone but if he has actually had success with recruiting young members and networking with other club regions, then he has grasped an essential idea for the long term life of the Club. Both President Kiericco and Vice President Berkheimer have stated this at the Detroit Grand National Meet 2008 as needed adjustment in the Club operation. Members with less polished pocketbooks and cars with more patina should be welcomed into the club. I have heard the name of Carl VanBibber for many years and I did meet meet him at Oconomowoc. He was personable and I thought that he intensely enjoyed the Club. He has a major following among the hugely active Eastern regions. His cars do win awards but I do not detect ego and status in his winning, just enjoyment of the hobby. Richard Silhol I know very well having served under him for two years. He ran this years National Meet in Oconomowoc and he did it profitably. Members are saying that Dick will shake up the "Good Old Boy Network". Dick can get things done but he rarely praises a good performance. He will zealously carry the Club banner of authenticity. I am unsure what the double whammy effect of another Earl Buton will have on the life of the Club. Finally, I have known Norm for many years and many years ago he nailed the problem of the POC. Members want to drive and enjoy their cars. They do not necessarily want to spend the money to make them look like they came out of the factory. They may want a retro look but they also want the comforts and safety that modern technology brings. Thomas Russom
  4. Just a thought here. Anti-seize does make the bolts thread less effortly but would that not also cause a change in the torque readings. Could the bolts be actually overtorqued at the proper reading?
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