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  1. What are the details of this event?
  2. OMG, Thanks for posting this! I haven't been on this forum for a few years and I just happened to log in and start skimming the posts. When I saw this I went out and checked my jack stands and sent the article to my son. Mine were fine but his were among the recalls. He told me he almost got under those jack stands today! Thank you big time!
  3. You may want to get a rebuild kit and replace those old gaskets. I had that same problem years ago and if I remember correctly I took the top off the carburetor and honed both sides where the gasket is with a fine grit sandpaper on a piece of flat glass.
  4. I just looked at my manual and the '35 does have the same ratios as James Curl listed.
  5. Oops. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but my posts are showing up on the wrong threads and I can't figure out how to delete them.
  6. As per instructions, put the pin on top of the valve. That will keep it from raising. Those valves are harder than the pin so you should have no fear of marring that valve.
  7. Not yet, I didn't quite get it all back together, plus it need a new battery. At 49cc I don't think it you need a licence or helmet. I'm not sure if it even has to be registered. Anyway, it will be several weeks before we get back together again and I can finish putting the scooter together. We'll probably each run it around the parking lot then it will sit there for another 5 years!
  8. Okay, problem solved and scooter running! The problem turned out to be the vacuum hose from the intake manifold to the petcock had been cut and plugged. After talking with my buddy about how this could have happened we came to this conclusion... He bought this scooter on a whim, started it up, drove it once around the parking lot, let it sit and it never started again. At some point someone had it running (there are 45 miles showing on the odometer) then we are guessing they cut and blocked the vacuum line for shipping. The dealer should have reconnected it during dealer prep but apparently didn't. There was a little fuel left in the hose and fuel filter, enough for my buddy to start it up, do his test run and that's it. Thankyou to everyone for insight and suggestions as knew nothing about these scooters. As ussual you guys got me going in the right direction!
  9. That's what I'm hoping for. I checked the petcock by putting some vacuum on it. It held so I'm assuming we should be good to go. I'll be really interested to see what my buddy says when I tell him what I found.
  10. So the part manual lists it as a petcock. The fuel tank is above the carb and it should be gravity fed so maybe you are right that the vacuum line is an automatic shut off. Regardless, I'm sure the two hoses with similar plugs in them must have once been one hose and I have no idea why someone would cut and plug that hose. As I said before, I was under the impression that it has had no work done to it but I can't see how it could have ever run with the current configuration. My buddy won't be back in town until next week so maybe he can clear up some of my questions. I'm going to put a vacuum on it to make sure there is no leak in the diaphagm and if all goes well, I'll re-install the petcock, connect vacuum line to the intake manifold, put some new gas in and see what happens. I only work on this on Thursday nights so it will be next week before I know any more. This is a 4 stroke single cylinder 50cc scooter engine. Everything I read tells me its a piece of Chinese junk not worth messing with but as long as I'm having fun with it I'll keep at it. If nothing else I'm learning a little about scooters.
  11. That makes perfect sense Don. My brain couldn't quite comprehend a pnematic petcock but the pulsating fuel pump just makes sense. And the cut and plugged line very well could indicat a diaphagm leak. I'll put a vacuum pump on that fitting and see if it holds a vacuum. Anyone have any idea how much vacuum these things would be rated for? I''d hate to blow the diaphragm by putting too much pressure on it. btw... Is there no spell check when we make forum postings? Man, I'm in trouble if not!
  12. I found a parts manual and that thing is the fuel petcock. It shuts off the fuel unless there is a vacuum on the second hose. I see there is another hose with a similar plug near the carburetore so I'm guessing someone cut the fuel line and put the plugs in and I'm hoping if I reconnect them everything should be fine. I'm totally baffled why that would happen. It's my understanding that this scooter has never had any work done to it so I'm quite confused about this situation. My buddy who owns it is out of town so when he gets back he might be able to clarify some things.
  13. I finally had a chance to play with the scooter. I removed the sparkplug and there was spark. I then disconnected the hose to the carberetor to drain the fuel, no fuel. I removed the fuel filter and there was no fuel to the filter. At the gas tank there was a fitting that had two hoses on it, one going to the fuel filter and the other had a plug (from th factory) in it and connected to nothing. I pulled it, it has a fine mesh filter inside the tank but that did not appear to be plugged. I don';t understand what this fitting is or why there is no fuel passing through it. Does anyone have any insite for me here?
  14. Oops! I haven't posted on this forun since it changed format. I see I posted it in the wrong section and got moved over to the proper section. Sorry, I'll know better next time.
  15. Thank you gentlemen. To answer a few of the questions... It is a Cinese made "PopCycle" manufactured by Loncin and made in 2005. I realize it's a pretty much junk and it may not be worth messing with but it gives me something to do on Thursday's "Mantivities" night where a group of us get together, build things, go have dinner and a couple of beers then topped off with whiskey and cigars. CDCurrent, I'm thinking that is exactly the way to go. No sense in taking a chance of gumming things up with bad gas. Then test for fuel and spark to see where that takes me. I have no idea what type of ignition it has. I know with the key on, the blinkers work (so I assume the headlight does also). I have a parts drwaing and it lists a "regulator assy." and a "unit/coil assy". I honestly didn't think about the possibility of it being a 2 cycle motor. If it is, I'm probably screwed, I've never had much luck with those. My first guess is the ignition is fried but who knows. Test, then replace if bad... Right?! It will be next Thursday before I have a chance to play with it. I'll let you know what I find. Thanks again for all the suggestions!
  16. A buddy of mine aquired a motor scooter some years back (5-7). The story he tells me is he drove it several times then put a charger on the battery, the battery "got fried" (I'm assuming it boiled out), he replaced the battery and it has never started again. As we were talking about it, another guy said he was concerned that some wiring had also gotton fried. I'm a little unclear as to why he had the battery on a charger and what could have caused the battery to get fried. Anyway I told him I'd have a look at it. The new battery was completly dead so I re-charged it. It has an electric starter which turns the engine over but there is no sign of any firing. Right off the top it sounds like there is no spark but that is only conjecture. The gas is 5-7 years old so I know it's not very good but it does not have that "Varnishy" smell yet. I'm going to go ahead and start taking things apart so I can get access to the engine and obviously the first thing to determine is whether it is missing fuel or spark and then go from there. My question, because I've never worked on scooters or motorcycles is... Are there any little quirks about scooters that I should check before I do the normal checks we would do to get our cars running?
  17. You can borrow a ridge reamer from many auto parts stores.
  18. I have to ask... Is this photo for real? Does someone actually have the nerve to have a picture of an American flag over "Made in China"?! If so... What was the product in that box?
  19. I lost one of my original Plymouth hubcaps. Replacements were so expensive (and I'm so cheap) that I bought a set of hubcaps that have the same script but have "ununu" instead of Plymouth. I haven't had one person ask me about that yet so it can't be too noticeable.
  20. Thanks Mark! Shel-bizzy showed me a picture of the clips that would fit your 40s model but I don't think it will fit my '35. I need to take another look at the channel and then re-read the Restorations Specialties catalog. The main thing is it is installed with clips, not glue. It's just a matter of finding the right clips.
  21. I'm replacing the window channel in my '35. What is the proper method for installing it? That is, should it be held in with clips? Silicone adhesive? Weatherstrip adhesive? I see sections of the old channel with glue and sections without (I haven't seen any clips but I see restoration specialties has some) and much of it is just falling out.
  22. I have a 230 engine in my 35 with the original '35 bellhousing and tranny. The head and manifold were a problem though. The head (from a '57) had a different size hole for the temperature sensor and the manifold had different tapped holes for the throttle. Both of those could have easily been remedied by a little drilling and tapping but I just reused the older head and manifold. If you have any specific questions, email me at JimCno@gmail.com.
  23. The test drive went fine but I won't know for sure whether or not we have solved the problem until next summer when the temps get back up to the upper 80s. As far as a certified CFM, that was never really discussed. What he did was to flow water through the radiator then check it with a infrared temperature sensor looking for cold spots. He then boiled and flushed it out until they all disappeared. Happy Birthday to Jipjobxx and Tim! Now it's my turn, today is my birthday! BTW... What is an electroically test?
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