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  1. Hi

    I’m going to be in Billings at the end of April for my nephew’s graduation. Do you ever open your shop to visitors? I would love to see your projects. 





  2. I did not! Fortunately they are just temporarily mounted. The end user plans on dismounting and balancing them. I've had them on my '31 DeSoto for 8K+ miles with no issues, but very good to know for future projects! Thank you for the info!
  3. Great question - It's actually a brand new axle from Winters performance. -It's light (aluminum center) -All modern and readily available big Ford bearings and seals. -3.78 R&P -Several backing plate flanges available -Custom housing and axle lengths available. -Trac-loc available -Flanged axles (no need to carry a hub puller) We debated this at length but felt giving our criteria of - parts availability in remote locations, gear ratio, limited slip, custom lengths, brake drum interchangability, not having to carry a hub puller, ability to do brake work without pulling hubs, readily available brake wheel cylinders, etc. - it was a no brainer. We also have a good relationship with Winters from our Bonneville efforts, so that didn't hurt either.
  4. Once the word got out that I was planning on producing a run of heads, I started getting messages and calls from previous customers about what they thought needed improvement. This got me to thinking that if I was going to the trouble and expense of modifying the patterns, that I should dig a little deeper. So we bandsawed up two existing Gen I EDGY heads, as well as two stock heads, and consulted with pattern makers and foundries. The improvements to the Gen II EDGY heads are as follows: -Additional internal webbing in the core to better support the combustion chambers. -Revised webbing in certain areas of the core for better coolant circulation and reduced stagnation. -Larger internal radiuses to improve strength, durability, and heat or stress crack resistance. -Changed casting method to better support the core for less risk of core shift during casting. -A modern technique incorporated into the patterns to have denser and equally-sized as-cast combustion chambers. -Multiple test pours cast and cut up to analyze progress. -Poured from pure 100% A-356 ingot. -Heat treated to T6 -Shot blasted to clean casting and relieve stress. -CNC machined for consistency.
  5. I wanted to use 2" springs so I had them made off the original blueprints at Eaton Spring in Detroit.
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