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  1. Thanks Ken. Yes I've checked and that's not happening.
  2. Yes, and did not receive notification of yours or maok's reply.
  3. Yes, Jute. jute [jo͞ot] NOUN rough fiber made from the stems of a tropical Old World plant, used for making twine and rope or woven into sacking or matting. the herbaceous plant which is cultivated for jute fiber, with edible young shoots.
  4. Well Frank, after all it is a one of a kind 230 SpitSfire 6. 😉
  5. Here's one I have on my 42 Dodge Business Coupe. I didn't find a proper 2 bbl carb soon enough so I got a 1 to 2 bbl adapter and installed it upside down so I could drive the car until I found a good 2 bbl carb. Well......that was years ago and it's still like this. Runs great !!!
  6. If your radio is the vertical dial 602 or 802 . Look at this radio on ebay. It has the mounting bracket. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Untested-Vintage-MOPAR-Car-Radio-Antique-1940s-Philco-Model-802-Untested-Restore/333165911202?hash=item4d923c5ca2:g:BWkAAOSwN~ZbnU9z
  7. Yup, Hopefully it's only a blown head gasket and not a cracked block or worse...….a vandal.
  8. The pet cock drain is on the distributer side of the block near the oil fill tube and distributer.
  9. That's a 1939 Plymouth not a 1938. Here's a 38.
  10. I think it's a 54 Car ornament or the 49 Car. In any event I like it a lot !
  11. My first car when I was in high school in 1966 was a 1933 Plymouth sedan with dual side mounts. I paid $225 for it back then. I had to sell it a couple of years later as I became a dad and had no place to park in at my apartment complex. I always kicked myself for selling it and kept an eye out for another just like it for many years. Fast forward 46 years to 2014 I finally found one on Craigslist in Tacoma,Wa. !!! This one was owned by the seller since 1958 when he bought it from the original owner. It's in amazingly original condition and still runs like a top.
  12. Yes just slide the hood ornament fore and aft until you find the best fit with the curvature of the hood. By the way the hood ornament you showed is for a 53 Dodge car. The truck ornament is much longer.
  13. That would depend on which way the door handle was installed I suppose. Open end to front or back. Somehow my wife and I locked ourselves out of my 47 in town. I had spare wing windows so I broke one to get back in.
  14. If your truck is stock there should be a key hole on the outside of passenger door just under the door handle. The drivers side is locked by pressing down on the inside door handle and the passenger side is locked with a key from outside.
  15. Hey cool….another 33 Plymouth owner. Welcome to the forum with your nice cars. My first car in 1965 was a 33 Plym PD. I had to sell it a few years later due to a lack of storage and I final found another on just like it a few years ago. It is a very original car with lots of little scratches and dings and I'll be leaving it that way.
  16. Good advice. I think that's what I did to my 230. I used a wire brush on the valves and top of block and then not much more than a few weeks later my #1 piston looked like this and went from 110lbs compression to 50lbs.
  17. Oh Man....those poor lizards ! At least they didn't die alone.
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