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  1. i was thinkint somthing along the lines of HA/GR, but i dont like the rule that the driver has to be in front of the rearend. Somthing about cars like the masters dragmaster http://www.mooneyes.com/news/030/IMG_5860.jpg just are what its all about. I also have a picture of the Rex Rains flathead 6 dragster from the March 1961 issue of Speed Mechanics that really gave me the idea.
  2. i think the issue here is that you guys are over estimating how nice my 47 really was. Im still trying to find a good home for her. Anybody wanna buy it for $1500? Heres what i delt with and how i repaired it.
  3. Well the 47 is up for sale. I got somebody interested in it i think. Im askin $1500 for the car without the motor and tranny. Good deal for someone who wants it. What do you mean? I put the 47 together for the flathead run, not as a keeper. Now that its over, i have no interest in it anymore. The motor, however toasted, i still do. I built my Nash from a car not worthy of its scrap price into somthing i drive almost daily. I also helped my brother out on his 53' merc. I lowered it and bought him tires for christmas. I also did the exhaust on it and all the go fast goodies oh the motor. Im also working on a car for a fella, doing a motor/tranny swap for a 55 poly and 5 speed, plus an 8-3/4 rearend. Then its a full re-wire and disk brakes. Im still waiting on parts to drop the mill. I do cars right. The plymouth not so much, but it made it 360 miles and home under power didnt it? I didnt wanna soak too much money into the thing because i knew i didnt wanna keep it. If im passionate about a project or its someone elses that they're footing the bill, the final product is "right" Im so sick of hearing from people how i ruin cars, or i should finish them better, or my paint sucks, or blah blah blah. Quite frankly, i dont give a d***. ( there ya go frankie ) Because im out there on the road with a car im not afraid to get dirty and i beat the you know what out of. Why? Because i stand for cars that are ment to be driven, not hidden from society in a garage or on a trailer. So if you say i dont do cars "right", well then im perfectly happy ruining old cars.
  4. Im gonna take that as you dont like my plan.
  5. So the run to Vantage for the flathead reliability run was a great time. All the way until the sound of death about 40 miles from home. Guess my motor was a bit too much and it spun 4 rod bearing. Was able to get it home, but the bottom end was completly trashed. Needless to say, that was the final straw with that damn P-15 and now im working on selling it. Which brings me to my next point of interest. I needed another project. I was looking around the shop thinking, what next. Then it hit me like a brick. I had a pair of cheaters off my hotrod, a 49 plymouth rearend, a 54 motor and tranny, a 36 ford axle with spindles, and a moon tank. Can anyone say mockup? Plans are for a 108 wheelbase front engine dragster using a mopar flathead 6. Should be enough to hit 100 im hoping. Just building it for fun. What do you guys think? Ill post more pics once i start building my chassis.
  6. i ordered mine from Rock-auto. They came in a white box. Everything went together correct and everthing platigauged correctly and was torqued correctly. Even had the correct amount of drag on the crank. I looks like it lost oil pressure to the botton end, but the gauge read 40 pounds. All i know is that these fuckers cost me a 6k motor.
  7. yea, so i just pulled the pan. Not good. Half inch of metal paste in the bottom. Spun 4 rod bearings. Looks like they lost oil to em Seized to the crank after digging in, then tore the hell out of the rods. Guess its time to drop the insurace on it.
  8. Oh im pretty sure i know what the noise is. The noise is the sound related to a rod knock and/or a spun bearing. Fun times!
  9. Well i just made it back from the East vs. West flathead reliability run. 12 hours, 350 miles, and one motor down. My flathead started rattling on snowqualmie pass heading over, and kept getting worse and worse. Im tearing it down to find out more. Pics coming!
  10. So i went to the schmucks to get new shocks for my 47 Special Deluxe Sedan. After about an hour or so, we found a pair that fit. 1970 Chevy truck. $17 a piece, made in usa. Nitrogen filled. Just a heads up
  11. 190 at the crank was what my desktop dyno came up with when i plugged in the numbers.
  12. So my flathead must hate me. Its a 54' 230cid. I pulled the dipstick again to find a tad bit of metal in my oil. Very fine particals that i cant feel any grit on. I drained the oil and the magnet had some metalic paste stuck to it that had no grit at all. I did an oil change and see whats up. I already ran into this issue once and i found a bad main bearing. I got paranoid so i replaced all the rod and main bearings. Cleaned the block real well but im thinkin this might just be some i missed. Everything plastigauged within tolerance, and it had the correct amount of drag on the crank. I used the lubriplate white assembly lube on everything and made sure the crank journals were clean. Everything is getting oil and it holds 40lbs oil pressure at idle. Motor has less than 30 miles on it. Its bored .030 over with total seal rings and forged pistons. Polished rods, Fully balenced, .010 under crank with correct bearings. New timing set. Custom ground cam with 236 duration and .480 lift. Steel head with no markings and small chambers. Around 190hp Compression test revealed 150psi on all cylinders cold. It wiped the front and rear main bearings once already. I dont know why. I think the machine shop didnt clean the crank before dropping it in. I fear that it might be somthing else. I went though the motor before putting it back together with new bearings with a fine tooth comb and made sure i did it by the book and correctly. So far in this 30 miles iv blown a headgasket and bearings. Do these motors just not like being hopped up like i have?
  13. congrats, i now officially hate you
  14. sounds like worn valve guides. Just think of it as extra top end lube Or that now you have an excuse to flog the throttle to "clean the carbon out of her"
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