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  1. I did this trick after working in the press shop at International Harvester , a lot heavy sheet steel. BUT I only used ONE ON UPPER AND ONE in the BOTTOM hinge.
  2. WOW ! ! talk about information overload, I'm making a copy of that. Thanks for all time and information Ron. I've purchased a NOS '49 Plymouth switch hoping it a first series but I don't think it is, it's bigger. The switch is the same dimensions for my '47 Windsor and the '49 Plymouth BUT the steering column mounting end of the bracket is 2 1/2 inches on the Plymouth and only 2.25 on the Windsor. So I am going to mount the '49s switch mechanism on the '47s switch plate and see how that works. Ron, You are a professional typist aren't you. Thanks again.
  3. That's OK , I just want thank everyone for helping me. Without you I'd be waving my arm out the window. What % of people would know what you were doing anyway.
  4. Well, I think it will work . The springs are a different weight than mine but, if it presents a problem I can just exchange them with the ones off of mine. They are only one coil off by my count, and that might be the operator, (ME) . They have the same Canadian patent number 1943 on the top between the lever pivot and the 2 wheels that return the lever to neutral. SO are you willing to sell the one you are showing me , no pressure their are 2 on ebay for another day +/-. Thank You for your time and effort. I really appreciate it.
  5. I was hoping that the assembly for a '49 dodge would be the same as my '47 Windsor. There are two listed on E bay that look the same as mine. I KNOW, I've a garage full of things that I thought might work , but these things are just too expensive to take a chance . ( $89.00 and $125.00) . The part #s are different BUT it's listed as '49 instead of 1947. Thanks for help people.
  6. Thanks for the quick response but I 'am looking for a simple remove & replace fix for the thing. I'll call Moore's Auto parts in Rapid City SD. THANKS FOR YOUR TIME AND IDEAS.
  7. My '47 Windsor only had 3 wires to the turn signal switch . I did not pay any attention where they came from when I ripped them out. Installed a 440/727 but want to keep it looking original as possible. I bought a Ron Francis "kit" so it didn't matter. Sorry.
  8. I have a '47 Windsor that needs a "new" turnsignal switch assembly. Is the whole family the same when it comes to the turnsignal switch? And doe's that go for '49 First Series? IN my area these older cars are nonexistent. Thanks for your help.
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