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  1. car was in garage 25 years. Stray mother cat found a place to have a litter. She got in thru open trunk lid. Needless to say the crap was deep and the smell worse. Suppose the pee is all dried up,,but the smell is there. Just got word my engine I took in April so they SAID they would work on in July,,,is now done and coming home this week. Friend said dont even put motor in till get all the body work you want done complete. I think if the smell and thick dust of 25 years was gone,,,it wouldnt be bad looking. BTW its in a storage garage now and out of that gunky garage. Any cat odor control specialists here????(wish I had a garden hose available there,,,couldnt hurt!!!)(Inside and out)
  2. I forgot to say. Reason I want to keep it is my grandpa bought it brand new. I always wanted to drive grandpas car!!!
  3. Rodney, We want you back so badly we will offer sage advice. If you dont already,,, go to any corner store and buy you 2 months supply of Osteo-Bi -Flex Glucosomine/Clondritin. Takes a couple months to kick in but regenerates cartliage as best it can. Have heard of stove up elderly people on canes,walkers, and wheelchairs taking it for couple months and they are now able to go dancing weekly or more. Miraculous stuff actually,,,brands and forms of same stuff does make a difference. Might try spiking it with a good magnesium and a couple Citricals a day also. We just dont get enough calcium sometimes. It helps MY arthritis pain alot!!! Your mileage may vary!!! the RX stuff for arthritis has nasty side effects,,but if you must,,,better than nothing. Arthur is the worst one of those 'ritous brothers!!!
  4. Unfortunately not under its own power. Been stored in a garage for 30 years and now I sold the house and garage so it has to move. Dog kennel is now gone so I can back up to her and load the motor into a pickup. Its going to a machine shop to 'see' if it is fixable or terminal. IFI can fix it it is going to get it NOW. Then it will be running shortly. If its injuries are terminal I am back to square one looking for a donor block or good running motor. She hasnt seen the light of day for many a moon. I know some glass got cracked while in there and some trim now missing,,,but overall might be okay. Going to air the tires and see if they stay up for a week. If they do I will roll on them,,,if they dont they get changed to some that do hold air. trailering and moving around on flat tires dont work for me!!! My options are to 'rent' a space but is so expensive if it stays there for years again. OR build a quickee shack out of pallets and throw a used roof(recycled lumber) over her somehow. Or find any old shed and move it home. Setting outside it wouldnt last from noon to dinner cause doubt she sheds water or sun well for long!!! What would you do,,,where is my best option???
  5. whats your address?? I wanna camp there for three years too and hope it makes 'me' look that good. Maybe its in the water there!!!Rainwater!!
  6. Looking for somebody who COULD install a window regulator in a 93 Nissan Pathfinder?? Disabled person in need. What ever it takes
  7. according to Billy the exterminator show,,,which gets rather dumb sometimes,,,says you can tell by dirrection of stripes or skin before and after the 'vent' as described previous. For the life of me cant remember what. We dont have poisonous snakes here. Hardly ever see anything besides garter snakes. Speaking of that I picked some stuff out of the yard yesterday and there were literaly dozens of them hiding under around and thru. I dont mind them when I can see them. just dont like to be surprised. Knighthawk, you can BET your cistern is full of them. Also if you have any rotten old tree stumps anywhere around,,prime habitat. wsa just telling this tale this weekend. While in high school few hundred years ago went camping by the river. Found old log to burn on our bonfire. It was full of snakes and camp was chock full of them all night. You cant imagine how many hundred snakes can live in a big log. If they are non poisonous make nice with them and coexist. Poisonous ones,,,shoot and whack away. Best way of getting rid of snakes is to remove habitat. They do make repellants for them too. Dont know how well they work.
  8. When cant figure out how to work this wonderous little black box,,,I ask my 3 year old grandson,,,then my 9 year old,,,then my 12 year old, then my 15 year old. All else fails Tim print them black and white and dust off your 'crayon' box
  9. took all day but finally got her running again. Put new plugs in it as old ones were -old. Drained all the gas out of it I put in last fall (painful). Went and got 2 cans of premium without ethanol (hard to find). all it would do is cough and backfire thru carb. Even a few fires burned. Then my helper says what the hay, we will try timing. Bingo the distributor came loose mysteriously over winter and turned itself. Question- when taking off from a dead stop it coughs and backfires thru carb while in first gear. Hard too take off from a stop sign. Always was this way also,,,any suggestions where to look??? guy at auto parts store says a new carb is in order. He recommends a holly over the Edlebrock in there now. I said I had a 780 holly of a 69 z-28,,he was amazed. I tried it out today,,,leaked badly from most everywhere. Or do they quit leaking after they soak up some gas??? also we had a BAD hailstorm and got a few minor dents and lost windsheild. Anyone here tried the heat gun followed by dry ice???
  10. been gone all winter,last fall and all of what spring we have. Broke my leg in a very short fall last Oct. Doc told me probably wont walk again or very well if at all. I drug both bones above the ankle in the dirt when falling off a step ladder. After tremendous physical therapy and alot of care by my kids for their invalid father,,I am back and working 4 to 5 hours a day, walking well when rested and slight limp after work. Anyway right before the fall I bought my dream 69 Camaro that has turned into a sorta mess. it is a 350 that somebody put a hack job electronic ignition on it (very poor job of it) and car last fall wouldnt start after stopping at a car wash for a quick rinse. been cold and wet here and it wont start at all now Course a rain storm every few minutes when a cloud passes doesnt help this non water loving car. Is there some place to start to make this a normal reliable "running"in any weather car???
  11. Rivets are usually softer than joined metals. 'Usually' the rivet vibrates/ rattles smaller and allows slop. An easy fix is punch old rivet out and see how much play is in hole(ovaled).(rivets expand some when smacked) if metal is rattled long holes drilling them out slightly to round holes gets you back to original shape. I doubt many people can naked eye tell its one size bigger. Installing a rivet is a do it yourself learn how to 'peen' project of first order.
  12. I couldnt afford to live there Fireball!!! What is your general occupation there if you dont mind me asking?
  13. tetnus shot $114. dont ask me how I know
  14. if you know??? how many bolts in your crankshaft flange? does the crank have the right dish for the fluid drive? if not save your energy,,if it does you can go either way,,,your call. fluid drives are def. cool
  15. can you start with slightly longer bolts with washers maybe that will start and pull spring tight,,,then switch one side at a time to the proper shorter ones while the other side holds it??? clear as mud? I never could explain whats in my head!!
  16. 1just4don


    I can hear the words they are responding with. it is all shippers fault cause inadequate shipping crating/packaging they arent going to cover NOTHING Been there done that. friend shipped computer to another friend,,INSURED,,and all. Looked like it was dropped at destination from 30,000 feet without aid of parachute. Said no coverage,we did nothing wrong.
  17. at $10/hr for amateur,,,$20-25/ for a pro,,,cost of more plywood. Figure having to paint it every 3-4 years minimum if you want it decent looking. Aluminum soffit is a no brainer. sell it as a property investment to bring it to 21 century. Paint is such a waste of money.
  18. kids or brothers sisters parents, friends, anybody with a full plan??/ I have a Verizon on my oldest daughters plan,,,my own number and minutes which I dont use half of,,and it cost me 120 bucks a YEAR!!! yep 10 bucks a month altho I pay once a year every time my one grandson has a birthday,,so us old foggies can remember when. most other companies have the friends and family plans also,,,dont get much cheaper,,,and its 'my' only phone,,,so no long distance and other garbage fees another company charged me for years
  19. how are the spokes attached to the back of the center part??? Anything else on back of center? anything on tips of those spoke wires as my pic isnt too clear?
  20. jack the ram as high as it will go stand it on its head for a day or so for air bubbles to rise to top(bottom actually) while still upside down and least shaking as possible release,,, open,,,valve and push down. turn upright and jack back up and rinse and repeat till all air is out and fluid is full. repeat any time a jack lays sideways or upside down for period of time to suck air into them,,,like in the back of a pickup 95% of jacks can be fixed this way.
  21. There WAS a day I could run my stihl 028 all day. Used to 'have' to cut a car trailer with 2 foot sides and a pickup box both heaped till they roll off to get me thru THAT 'week'. wood only heat on a 3000 foot house with 10-20 below plus wind chill. These days trimming an occasional branch it all required. I have a small cheapie Mac that my old bones can handle,,,and be able to carry up a ladder.
  22. 30 years ago didnt think anything of shin-ey-ing up the tree and whacking away. Can remeber cutting down 3 large elm trees and dropping them down thru three different wires and didnt touch a one. Another day I sawed down a 'huge' boxelder tree that was rotten that was so tall it hung over two roofs and a chain link fence ran right by it,,,or thru it cause some is still hanging in it today. Didnt touch roofs or fence,,,but dont ask what the ladder looked like after we were done,,,I can now use it to climb a pretzel. Least I wasnt standing on it too much Some days its better to be lucky than good. Course back then we didnt hire every little thing out like we do today. My old saying was if I cant do it myself,,,it dont need doing.
  23. boy that car looks oh so familiar. Body styles werent all that much between Dodges, Fords, and Chevies. I have a 41 Ford in storage with what looks like 28,000 and some odd original miles. All the oil change stickers remain in the door jam and miles and dates dont allow any other conclusion. I havent put 100 miles on it since the late 70,s when I bought it from a 85 year old ;character' who I worked with. Need to get it out and get brakes working,,and replace coils who lost there spark after warming up. Bet I can pour a smidge of gas down the carb and it fires right up,,,have done it twice since long barn naps. Last look at it said the weatherstripping is toast from being too hot,,,have some bought new and in the trunk,,if they are still good. its a flat head,,,just wrong breed for us,,,a V-8 so yes barn finds do occur,,,specially in mine. Would love to drive it AND my grandpas bought brand new 50 Dodge,,few more miles but same story,,last driven by my cousin in about 81' when his 10 miles since overhauled motor took a dump half way home from where he had it done,,,a cheapie tech school overhaul,,must have been a friday when they put the wrist pin keeper in,,,or a big Monday hangover day oh btw,,,same color, same design
  24. much better than starter fluid for starting those stubborn wont run motors on lawn mowers,snow blowers, and weed eaters. It will start one quicker than gas,,if it only runs while your spraying it you have a carb problem. Doesnt lock up or overload like ether does,,,it actually lubes things inside but not a permanent fix. Even works on flat headed mopars I heard. Lots of times you get them running on wd-40 it will then run on gas unless its all out of whack. if it wont I had some luck blowing out all carb passages with air compressor and trying again.
  25. 20 years ago lived down in the river bottom on a small lake. Worst water in the world. Be darn happy you dont have high manganese( I think thats what it was ). Put water in coffee, tea, or whiskey and turned instantly black. Smelled like rotten eggs and tastes worse. Made sidewalk brown in a week so used lake water for lawn sprinkling. Showers and stools were color of chocolate in a months time. Only thing that would cut it off was full strength muratic acid and that is NASTY stuff. It will burn your nose hair out, let alone lung damage tried filters and softeners to no avail. Still think I feel poorly from that crappy water. My well was shallow,,probably 20 30 feet max. My next door neighbor was a professional well driller. He drilled his own well very deep and didnt have that crap at all. Moral of the story,,,ask a well driller IF drilling deeper gets you out of your iron probs? often does. Another well I had once had excessive high levels of selenium. Would have never known that had not huge expensive full spectrum testing was required. Been out of the testing loop for 5 years,,but back then full tests cost 1500-2000 bucks,,,likely higher now. Test for coliform, lead and copper residue(relates to ph), selenium, arsenic, nitrates, ph, if you have money left you can also test for voc's and inorganic vc's and any thing else they may recommend,,,might be very surprised what you find. Would reverse osmosis work for you???
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