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  1. Yikes! I hear it's painful. I hope you feel better soon.
  2. Yah, that and a bunch of dudes over 50! 🤣 Car looks great Nick 🤙
  3. I forgot how Don loved to expose his nuts. RIP Don.
  4. Wilted spinach salad with bacon was a favorite when I was a kid https://www.thespruceeats.com/wilted-spinach-recipe-3061242
  5. Looks like spinach to me..
  6. Beautiful car. I will humbly chime in with the fluid drive. I have two vehicles with fluid drive. Other than checking the fluid level, I leave them alone. They are very reliable. Before I would touch the fluid drive unit, I would check the clutch linkage and then the clutch itself. From your description it sounds like a slipping clutch. Please keep the photos coming on your progress. 👍
  7. Looks like a 1952 Styeline deluxe with the 216 with three speed on the column. No badges for the power glide.
  8. Spent a couple more hours on the car this afternoon. It's a solid car. No rust in trunk or rocker panels. Pulled the gas tank. It has several pin holes in it. Dripping that noxious, black, gooie stuff that old gas turns into. Tried to get it to fire with no success. I noticed many new parts on it. New voltage regulator, points, condenser, coil and spark plugs... someone has been working on it in the last few years. Next visit I will check timing, points gap and see if I can get it to fire up. I believe it's a Styeline deluxe 1952
  9. This is what happened to yard darts
  10. I am helping my neighbor with her father's 1952 Chevy. She had it shipped out her from Alabama. She wants to fix it up and sell it. It's been sitting for at least 8 years. The car is in pretty good shape. So far I inflated the tires and threw a battery in it. It turned over quiet easily though couldn't get it to fire. Gas tank is shot. No brakes. It will be an interesting side project. I'll post my progress..
  11. Very cool. I love ramblers! I am green with envy. The biggest problem your going to have is deciding which car or truck to drive 😎
  12. Looks like Mater from "Cars" and the batmobile had a baby.
  13. I know it's not a touring bike but here is my current project. 1970 triumph tiger 650. Hoping to have it back on the road by mid summer. Looking forward to cruising around the Santa Cruz mountains and up the cost to San Francisco.
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