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  1. Worth the trip just to meet George
  2. You have to put your ear to the phone. It was a pleasant experience for me. He was very helpful and knowledgeable. Parts ship the next day
  3. About 5hrs of work and I have it down to the frame and motor on the stand. That sucker is heavy!
  4. I thought I would share my new project. I bought this Triumph a few years ago. I've enjoyed riding it, but I find that it's time for a rebuild. The motor is rather tired and brakes and shocks are unsafe. So the teardown begins.
  5. I bought all new lifters, valves and guides from Terrill Machine. I would purchase as much of what you need from Terrill. He is the least expensive. I also found the Egge, while a good company, doesn't always have everything on stock, so they source from other companies. They are also slow to get the parts on the mail.
  6. Of the 5 flatheads that I own, I have only found one with a brass distribution tube. The brass one came out clean as a whistle, while the galvanized ones were a bear to pull and we're heavily pitted.
  7. I purchased everything from Terrill Machine and Egge. I had my cam ground by Egge.
  8. You are correct. My mistake. I saw that engine in Napa CA a few years ago. This was the note describing the engine
  9. Rest in Peace Don. You will be missed here on the forum.
  10. No snow here in Zihuatanejo Mexico. I will keep you posted 😝. Heading home this week though 👎
  11. How about an 18 cylinder B29 engine. The owner advertised that for $100 you could see it run. I'm sure your neighbors would love that. 🙂
  12. I focused my attention briefly this weekend on my vacuum wipers. I replaced my intake with a duel carb aluminum one and I've lost my vacuum port. I'm wondering if I could use one of the two carbs as a vacuum source. The front one is used for the distributor advance. I'm wondering if I could use the rear carb for the wiper vacuum. Thoughts?
  13. Have you guys read this book? A great read. It's amazes me what those young men were able to endure. An early veterans day thank you to all who have served.
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