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  1. It is on top, not the side of the tab. It is sometimes very faint. You may need to wet it to see
  2. On a 25" engine, you will find the number stamped on top of the tab indicated by the arrow
  3. Great color. Those headlights look sharp!
  4. I'm curious how you are fairing with the new carburetor. I read that Langdon suggests that you have a heated manifold. Is that something you incorporated with the new carburetor?
  5. I had to evacuate my vehicles down to a friend's house due to the fires near my house. Fortunately, after a week, the fire has been contained enough to where we and my junk can return home
  6. Here's an add I found a few years ago at the flee market
  7. Well...I hope you get it just so I can watch your documentation and videos of it's restoration and cruising down the road.
  8. That's seems like a very reasonable quote. You may try to ask the machinist if you can source your own parts. It may safe you money.
  9. Glad you're ok. Now you got a hell of a story you can tell.
  10. Great picture. What kind of tires are those? I like the way they look.
  11. https://www.vintagemoparts.com/product/1948-1949-dodge-pilot-house-truck-b-series-shop-manual-pdf/
  12. https://www.vintagepowerwagons.com/ Please check out vintage power wagons if you haven't already. Much of the B series truck parts are interchangeable. I believe there a mentions of power wagons in my B series shop manual. Good luck. I am sure many of us are eager to see your progress.
  13. Took a cruise up highway 9 into the redwoods. Stopped by for a visit with James Dean at the iconic Brookdale lodge.
  14. I have not gone back to it yet. I will check for leaks next. I feel that I'm going to need to go through both carbs and maybe start from scratch with the why setup.
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