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  1. https://www.vintagemoparts.com/product/1948-1949-dodge-pilot-house-truck-b-series-shop-manual-pdf/
  2. https://www.vintagepowerwagons.com/ Please check out vintage power wagons if you haven't already. Much of the B series truck parts are interchangeable. I believe there a mentions of power wagons in my B series shop manual. Good luck. I am sure many of us are eager to see your progress.
  3. Took a cruise up highway 9 into the redwoods. Stopped by for a visit with James Dean at the iconic Brookdale lodge.
  4. I have not gone back to it yet. I will check for leaks next. I feel that I'm going to need to go through both carbs and maybe start from scratch with the why setup.
  5. I have a unisyn tool. Syncing the carbs is not the problem. The problem is that I think I'm running too lean. I have to pull my choke out a quarter or it will die at idle. If I can't read the vacuum, I don't have any other way to adjust the idle mixture except by trial and error.
  6. Having trouble adjusting the idle mixture. I have a duel carb aluminum intake from George Asche. With the aluminum intake, I've lost the vacuum port. I've tried to use the vacuum port on both of the carbs and get no reading at idle. The RPM's at idle are at 500. The vacuum gauge will show a reading when I excelerate.
  7. Though charming to look at, I've heard that they are quite a nuisance, chewing things up.
  8. A rack to display your collectors addition 1977 Star Wars plates from Pizza Hut?
  9. I upload photos to the forum directly from my phone. I use a photo resizer app which allows me to post multiple photos.
  10. I thought I've heard of Winona.
  11. Ok. Now, you wait until about 5min before the end of the auction and bid 10-20$ higher then the max bid. That's how you win without running up the price. Again, good luck!
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/264724171144 Good luck!
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