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    Woodieville, Wash
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    Restoring cars, trucks, heavy equipment, welding ,fabrication of many things, helping people on projects and more!
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    1946 NewYorker Straight "8" 3 Passenger Cpe. / 1952 Imperial 3 Passenger 331 Hemi Cpe/ 1948 and 1950 Chrysler Town and Country woodies/ 1950 Chrysler woodie wagon/ Several Dodge trucks..dually 1 ton PU to 3 and 4 tonners....306/377 and 413 sixes.

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    Been into the Flathead Mopars since 1968.Have 15 Mopars up to 1953.
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    Woodieville Wa. Part of the Great Northwest!
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    Old Mopar-Cars,Trucks and old AC and Massey equipment.

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  1. Not much of anything is made in America anymore... Very Sad🌑
  2. What trunk there is on some is through the back seat.
  3. How much coffee did you drink before video two ..... Holy cowabunga! I need to hire you Brent...I could get tons more stuff done around here😁
  4. Buy the right model of Airflow and you get tilt and....telescopic steering wheel too.
  5. There is no oil pressure test port on the M-6 transmission...why I don't know. The test involves *Raising the rear end, *Removing the interrupter switch above the shift piston... *Starting the engine...putting it in gear... *Run it above 13mph in gear... *Look down hole at the shift piston.. *Piston should move forward to complete upshift above 13mph in high range... *Test completed
  6. I have spent many hours on 1935 Airflows...an Imperial coupe and a CW limousine....they are a show stopper for sure and with the OD are great road cars. As Rich says...join the Airflow Club of America....https://www.airflowclub.com Parts can be very difficult to find unless you belong to that group of owners.
  7. The skirts look like a "Western Auto" tacky add on. A T&C Barrel Back has more than enough prestige and certainly does not need anymore bling. Each to his own though.
  8. Dodgeb4ya

    Mike S

    "The distributor shaft does have a little lateral movement (maybe 1mm - 2mm) in it." If that's true your distributor bushings and possibly the shaft are beyond completely worn out. ...how would you adjust the points? That much slop is a huge problem.
  9. Post #9 is how to test the starter in the car bypassing what's necessary. Done it way too many times on too many 1941 to 50 Chryslers.
  10. Shown here is my U joint tool I use.. Pushes the studs right out. Or pull the arm out and use a press... I realize you might not have these tools. But you need good tooling at times to get the job done.
  11. The local JD dealers all have it around here.
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