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  1. T236 is a 237ci, 3 7/16" bore x 4 1/4" stroke, 25" long block. Dodge Truck Canada WC WWII 3/4 tons or 1 tons depending on what book you read.
  2. Depending on how it is set up you might not have to change the tubes. The one I am working on came as either 6 or 12 volts. The difference between the two seems to be the vibrator is change for a 12 volt unit and a choke is added to drop the volts from 12 to 6 volts for 6v heaters on the tubes. All the tubes are 6###. Also with this particular vibrator polarity does not matter. at least for a short time run time. I need to check more before I run it full time as a negative earth.
  3. I went down the same road many years ago. I might not have done it had this type of repair not been part of my work. One of those tools that makes you wonder why you put up with the others for so long.
  4. Looks to be a 303 then. This link seems to be the new address of the poly site. They would have a lot more knowledge than I. They should be able to point you in the right direction if you require parts for the engine. 318Poly@groups.io
  5. 303 = 3.812" = 3 13/16" 313 = 3.875" = 3 7/8" Could you explain "top of the notes"?
  6. Because we imported our engines, engine date to vehicle date differences were common. Hard to know what happened in Canada but would not surprise me specially as this is a very limited run vehicle. The best way to measure would be to use the type of equipment left of centre in the pic. However that's an expensive way to go for a one off measurement. The internal spring caliper (top right) and a vernier set will give a close enough measurement. It depends on how far you want to go. I like to strip and measure everything before it goes to the machine shop (or scrap bin) then measure everything when it comes back from the shop before reassembly.
  7. Car based closed cab utes were made from 33 to 1940. I have never seen a commercially available car model from 40 up to 53 as they had the truck based ute and then they stated on the cars again in 53. Not to say there was not a few custom made jobs done.
  8. KV-182 62C From what little knowledge I have on Canadian numbers KV is 1957 V8 but it usually relates to the 303 that was in the Plymouths and Dodges cars . However the Custom Royal used the 313 so it should carry the KV prefix as well. The LV prefix is 1958 V8. C at the end is for Canada. The 182 62 I don`t know. Can you measure the bore? Being only one of 3 V8`s it would confirm 303 or 313. Tony
  9. To add to what Andy has said, Firewall TJR stamping ID plate Richards badge Not sure about the Chrysler Plymouth though
  10. 1618721-1 appears on the two sets of spare heads I have. The numbers to the left are C90 and G148. I have no idea what year model engines these came off. The numbers for the 62 ( I think) engine are 2264095 and 1019 2. They could have came from cars or trucks and I assume they are Canadian as they were the suppler for V8`s to Australia. There use to be a Poly engine site on the net years ago, not sure if its still around but you might try them. Tony
  11. Welcome I do love a van. What seat or seats does it have? Tony
  12. Glad to help. I envy you. The swept lines never came here.
  13. Standard heads for poly`s from 57-58 through to 64. Often called the A model or series. The earlier series sawtooth model I think have the towers that come off. I have never worked on one.
  14. Yep. First time I pulled one apart I thought they would be like the LA`s were everything comes off together. If these are the same type of heads the OP has the tower between rocker number six and 7 will have a pin or a grub screw which locks the shaft in place.(its been too long). The shaft will then slide out sideways. Remember to keep all the rockers in order as you slide the shaft out. Tony
  15. I will have to go and have a better look but I am sure my Canadian 313 heads have towers.
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