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  1. Since this was 3 years ago, I am wondering what the final results are and do we have pictures of young love in an old car?
  2. I need help on how to remove old master cylinder on 1948 S11 Desoto! This is stopping my progress on restoration!
  3. Am I doing something wrong? I am putting an enormous amount of pressure on it, but it will not depress! Same exact problem on one in the car! The key will not turn to starting position! Afraid to place too much pressure on key! Afraid I will break it!
  4. Tried this and the button will not compress! Read somewhere might have to drill the old “spring loaded pin/button” out to get old tumbler out! Can do that, but prefer not to if can help it! Picture of an old one I bought a long time ago!
  5. I also have replaced conventional headlights with LED! Requires hardly any juice when on! Trying to get all bulbs LED, but not easy to find right ones in 6 volts!
  6. Sorry it has been so long, but still picking away at wiring issues! Had it ready to start engine and ignition switch froze up! Have a tumbler/ key to change out, but not sure how to get old one out! I will take any help I can get!
  7. Will send as many as I can! I just fried a wire from the signal switch! It was iffy when l made the connections. Will get back into it ASAP, but may need a replacement! I hate to do that, but may have to do it! Almost everything is original and has 18,000 original miles, but still 72 yrs old!
  8. Hey guys, I am almost finished with my wiring project on my ‘48 Desoto! I have used Wiring Harnesses unlimited and it is pretty good, especially if you do it in a short time! In my case it has been7 years and did the dash out of the car first then prostate cancer, heart stents after one heart attack, followed by several stents then had open heart surgery after two heart attacks 10 days apart! Recovery and spent time with my wife and started back to finish about a year ago! Have it wired except for backup light, all wires to trunk after dropping headliner! Taillights not totally complete!
  9. I have a 1948 Desoto S-11 Sedan and have been working on it forever through several surgeries and incumbrances! I have not used this source lately, but have great respect for the people that are members! I am very close to completing my rewiring of a harness I bought from Unlimited Harnesses many years ago! Unfortunately, I have no idea where the backup light switch is located! I expected it to be near the gearshift, but it must be near the back near the trunk! I would love for someone to direct me to it, so I don’t wast time searching! I am 76 yo and have a more difficult time lying all over
  10. Lepic56, so very sorry that I did not see this until now, but finally figured it out! I am now stuck on the backup light! I am trying to find the backup light switch!you would think it was where the shifter functions, but not so! At least I cannot find it! Wiring is frustrating at times! Thanks, Roger
  11. Can anyone tell me where the Backup light on 1948 Desoto S-11 is located? 

    1. rcumba11


      Backup light switch!,

  12. I am stuck on how to lock in wires to the triconnector plugin for headlights!
  13. Hey Fellows, Been a while, but am looking for the two anchor bolts on the left front wheel of my '48 Desoto S11. Doe anyone have any and/or know someone who does. I finally got the shoes adjusted so the hubs would go on, but I think someone accidently threw them away. I would appreciate an help. Thanks, Roger
  14. Rich, I would to buy one of these. I have a '48 Desoto S11C. Thanks...and can you tell me whereto see the wood graining pics that you did with the Grain It kit? Roger
  15. This is one perfect looking car. Man, that is the color I have been looking for for my '48 Desoto. Do you know the color? The wood graining is very clear and pristine. Obviously has been garaged most of its life. Thanks for sharing!
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