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  1. Bring it up to 4 grand or so and side step the clutch.....You'll know right now if it's a stock or not.
  2. Take a pic of the business side of the dash....where all those wires are. If you see frayed or bare wire, well that should tell you something. 60+ year wiring has seen it's best days. You probably have a solenoid gone bad.
  3. Try putting the shifter and the trans in neutral. Adjust the rods, should be a slip fit. Check that the motor mounts are in good shape and not collapsed.
  4. Check the rubber boots first. If cracked, mine were, replace and while they are off, run some grease thru the joint....or replace the joint, tie rod ends comes to mind, and you should be good to go.
  5. You can flip the flywheel to get some more life out of it.
  6. Steele products Metro Rubber etc and others may be of help. The seal between the leading edge front door and the body, at least for my '52, is a hardware store item. No re-pops yet.
  7. Why not just install right hand studs?
  8. Didn't find anything among the usual suspects. Looks like a trip to the hardware store might be the answer......
  9. The rubber strip between the fender and front door. Looking to replace mine and am looking at gluing some closed cell weather strip in there. Was wondering if there is a better way of dealing with this. Thanks all!
  10. A worn timing chain will cause timing to fluctuate as well.
  11. Have you tried a FelPro 8531? NAPA or any good auto parts store should be able to get one.
  12. On my"52 the turn sig harness travels down the steering column to a connector. That would be a good place to check with an ohmmeter
  13. Thanks JB...I'll give it a try.
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