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  1. Which means you have never greased the bushing in the water pump shaft,which also probably means your water pump now needs to be rebuilt.
  2. A "weep hole" is exactly what it is. It's purpose is to allow radiator water a place to escape once the shaft bushing goes bad. Some old water pumps come with either a grease fitting already installed to grease the bushing,and I guess some come with just a plug screwed into the hole for the grease plug. If that is the case,you need to remove the plug,screw a grease fitting in where the plug was,and grease it before you run the engine any more.
  3. I have a 1987 Camaro front clip welded to the chassis of my 48 Plymouth coupe,and love the way it handles and rides. Also have the worn-out 305 and trash 205 trans and the Camaro rear in it. Plans are to put my 412 SBC with the Dart 2 heads and hot cam in it,along with the turbo 400 I already own when and if it ever gets redone. Not to mention an entirely new Ron Francis wiring kit I already have in the box. Had to quit driving the car when it backfired and caught fire under the hood when I turned a corner. Damn good thing I carry a fire extinguisher with me,but all that wonderful red and black wiring under the hood,as well as the 4brl Carter carb were fried.
  4. Electric power steering is in MY opinion,the way to go if you want or need PS. Was going to use it in my 37 Dodge 1.5 ton pu,but when we pulled the cab and bed to redo and paint them,the 72 Ford F-250 4x4 chassis was almost rusted in half. I got lucky and found a guy who had lost storage due to a divorce,and bought his restored 76 Dodge 1/2 ton 4x4 chassis that had already been blasted,painted,and everything rebuild,and maybe best of all,factory ps,pb,and a 318 Mopar long block still in the crate. The chassis also came with a rebuilt auto overdrive trans. I am embarrassed to tell you the lowball price I paid for it,but when I asked "How much?"and he told me,I almost ripped my pants pulling my wallet out. This truck is going to be soooo much easier to sell with pb,ps,and an automatic transmission. Assuming I even want to sell it after it's back together.
  5. My opinion,and worth every nickel it costs you,is to rebuild your stock front suspension with new springs,new shocks,etc,etc,etc. The truth is you are not going to go road racing with the 42 coupe,so you really don't need suspension upgrades if all you are going to to is drive it and enjoy it. Maybe add front disc brakes and upgrade the shocks using modern ones instead of factory standard all around,but that is all I would do to the suspension.
  6. Stage 4 Lymphoma. Or at least that is what I started with. Learned a short while ago,shortly BEFORE I was told the lymphoma was gone that I also have cancer in my groin,but what type was never specified. Since the cancer doc never mentioned it again,I just assumed it was also gone. Then last week I found out the cyst the surgeon at the wound clinic cut out behind my left ear is NOT benign,as he thought. He sent it off to have it tested just in case,and sure enough,it came back as cancerous,also. I am now waiting for the appointment to have the side of my head cut open again so they can try to find and cut it all out. IF it was identified as to type,no one told me what it is. Not that it matters because there is nothing I can do about it but roll with the punches and see what happens. Since the wound clinic doc cut out all he could see (a mass about half the size of a half-dollar),I can't even guess what they have planned,but I guess I will find out. What pisses me off about this one is I must have pointed it out to at least a half-dozen or more doctors in the last year,and every damn one of them except the surgeon at the wound treatment clinic just shrugged,and walked away without saying anything. More good news is both of my lower legs are now back down to less than what I used to think was normal size,and haven't even hurt the last two days. When I first went to the wound clinic and they wrapped them with compression bandages,it hurt so bad it would take my wind away. At that time my right leg was only a little larger than normal,but my left leg was so swollen the only pants I could get it in were Bib Overalls,and even then it was a squeeze fit. Now that same lower leg is only slighly larger than my forearm. I can bend my knee again,and I can walk normally.
  7. Sure ya could. What are your options other than to stay positive or run around whining about it? How much fun is whining,and who wants to spend their remaining time doing it. AND.....,it costs not even one thin dime to be positive.
  8. Stage 4 Lymphoma,and I still have it because the docs don't consider you to be cancer-free until your test results are negative for 4 years. I also developed some sort of cancer in my groin that went away. May have been Lymphoma also,but I am not sure. And just last week I had a lump removed from the side of my head that everybody thought was benign,but came back as being cancer,also. I have no idea what kind because I wasn't told,but it is still active. Supposed to have a cancer doc remove what is still there soon. I have no idea what is going on with that,and won't until after the surgery to cut it away. Also,take note that I am 75 years old and an Agent Orange veteran. Both of which put me at a higher risk than most people.
  9. "I did some googling and saw that Zanubrutinib is covered by Medicare. Might be worth looking into. " Thank you very much for doing that and posting about it,JerseyHarold! I am an Agent Orange VN Vet,so I covered by the VA,but for some people knowing it is covered by Medi-Care could literally be a life-saver for them. Once again,I want to ask everyone who reads these posts to pass this information on to people they know,and even post it on the bulletin board at your local VFW and other organizations you are connected with. Spread it as far and wide as possible because you never know who might find it that is in dire need of it.
  10. Chemo ain't a whole lot of fun,either. One of the few things I remember about my chemo sessions were being grateful my truck had driving directions on the dash,so I wasn't scared about forgetting how to find my way home. And that is NOT a joke. Been well over a year now,maybe even two,and I STILL can't remember much. l can remember back to when I was wearing diapers,but pretty much nothing after chemo. I would write notes to myself,and lose them or wonder what the hell they were about. I keep telling myself I am slowly getting my memory back,but I might just be lying to myself to make me feel good. Then again,the alternative.............
  11. Don't worry about it. Stupid questions are the easy ones to answer,so EVERYBODY loves to answer them.
  12. I have my doubts about that one. I was so shocked when I turned 25 that I almost quit drinking,doing drugs,riding Harley's,and banging other guys wives and girlfriends/ It was traumatic. Since then,birthdays have only amused me.
  13. Well,I am still trying to recover my short-term memory,and not having much luck. On a positive side,after being diagnosed as being terminal after maxing out on chemo and the other drug that I can't remember,the doc asked me if I wanted to try an experimental drug that hadn't been approved by the FDA yet,but was so promising the FDA was allowing it to be sold as long as it wasn't advertised as a "cure" for cancer. You take two pills,twice a day. The only downside was the doc told me some people got so violently sick from it,they told her they would rather die from cancer than take it anymore,and asked me if I want to try it anyhow. I said "Sure. What do I have to lose? If it makes me that sick,I'll just quit taking it." Here is where the chemo brain really worked for me. By the time it came in the mail,I had forgotten what it was for and that it might make me sick,so it didn't. In fact,I actually started feeling noticeably better within a week or so. I just ignored and enjoyed it without even thinking about the new meds. Took it for a couple of weeks before taking another PET Scan,and when I went to see the doc for a checkup,she didn't believe what she was seeing because it showed me to be cancer-free. So she sent me back for another PET Scan the next week,and that one came back cancer-free,also. I am now taking PET Scans once every 3 months instead of once a month,and every one has came back negative for cancer. The bad news is a bottle of 120 of these pills cost $13,400 at either Wal-Mart or Food Lion's Pharmacy,and another thousand bucks everywhere else. The good news is IF you are a veteran you can get it for free from the VA. I suspect,but don't know for sure,that if you go to a big cancer clinic like the one I went to,you can get the first bottle for free anyhow because the pill company needs people with cancer to test it so they can show the results to the FDA and then sell it as a cancer cure. If you have good health insurance,they might or might not pay for it. They might refuse using the excuse it isn't approved yet and is still experimental. If all else fails,I THINK you MIGHT be able to buy it at retail price if you can come up with the money without a prescription because it is being sold as a generic drug. And let's face it,if you are dying from lymphoma and can MAYBE cure it with one or two bottles,chances are you will figure out a way to come up with the money. I hope you and your loved ones never need this info,but PLEASE share it with anyone you know that does. AFAIK,which isn't very far,it is for Lymphoma, but I have a hard time believing it won't at least help with some other forms of cancer. BTW,for all I know,it might even quit working. The docs never declare anyone to be cancer-free until they have been without cancer for 5 straight years. Since I am 75 now,it seems unlikely I won't die of something else before the 5 years are up,but I am going to do the best I can. BTW,the manufacturer is a company named Brukinsa and the medicine is named Zanubrutinib and comes in capsules, Arthur
  14. I have chemo brain,so if I ever knew,I forgot. I do know they have a web page that allows you to email them questions,so why not go there and ask them? After all,it costs nothing to ask.
  15. No,but you can send them an email and ask. They have been doing this for years,so chances are they even have an exchange program for the more common ones.
  16. One solution that may seem to be a little bit pricey at first is to buy rebuilt wheel cylinders from White Post Restorations in Virginia,or to have yours sent there to be rebuilt. They bore them out,and then line them with stainless steel inserts. Not neccessary in a car that is driven often,but might be worth doing if your car sometimes stays parked for months at a time in a part of the country where it is humid. I have never used or even seen the White Post wheel cylinders myself,but they have been doing this for years,so I assume their product is a good one.
  17. When you are good,you are good!
  18. No,the NOTICE went to your PO Box. Or should have. What PROBABLY happened is the notice that you had a package to pick up with either mailed to the wrong P.O.Box,and the person that received it just threw the notice away,or a clerk at the PO put it in the wrong box and it got thrown away. Go to your local PO in person with all the details on the shipping and WHEN the notice was supposedly put into your PO Box,along with the number on the notice. The clerk there WILL have a record of that number and what happened to that package. IF the notice was put in the wrong box and the parts were never picked up,chances are they are still sitting in a storeroom for undelivered mail at the main post office in your area,and once you show up with the info your local PO can track it down and have it redelivered to you. Be aware that without the shipping number issued by USPS you won't be able to accomplish anything,and the best place to get this is from the seller who sold you the parts,and allegedly sent them to you. Even if he says he no longer has the USPS number,he can still get it from USPS by using his name and the date he is supposed to send it. BTW,IF you can get the number you can collect the insurance on the package IF the seller bought insuruance when he shipped it. Most do because it can save them a lot of grief and money. If he says this is not possible,he is lying and chances are he never mailed it. Yeah,I am retired from the post office. I was a letter carrier though,not a mail clerk. I know what I wrote to be true because I have had to track down missing packages for myself . They are usually just missplaced,not really lost.
  19. I dunno. Why would you expect a factory generator and voltage regulator from a 50's car to be unreliable? I occasionaly had to replace generator brushes or adjust or even replace a voltage regulator,but it was rare.
  20. Nobody interested in building their own 6 volt chargers using a generator, voltatage regulator,electric motor,and fan belt? Pretty fool proof if you pick a pulley that runs it at a reasonable RPM.
  21. Harbor Freight might be a good place to look. They are opening stores all over the country,and even opened one in the nearest podunk town to me. They usually have a selection of cheap Chinese crap,mid-range items,and quality items so you have a selection to choose from based on how often you might need whatever you buy. My best advise is to go ahead and buy the best 6 volt/12 volt charger you can at the momement that you can afford that will do what you need a battery charger to do. I say this because 6 volt batteries are so obsolete now that it probably won't be long before the manufactuers quit making them. Would have probably already stopped if it wasn't for tractors and other farm equipment. And,of course,there is nothing preventing you from taking an old 6 volt generator and regularator,mounting them on a board that also has an electric motor with a pulley on it,and making your own battery charger. You would,of course,have to add an amp gauge to the circuit so you know how if the battery is taking a charge and when it is fully charged. I did this back in the 70's,and it worked fine for years. And,of course,you can also make a 12 volt battery charger at home using the same method. The downfall is they are not very portable,and you end up having to carry the battery to your work bench and then back to the car or truck. I guess you could get around this if you have room to drive inside the garage and have long jumper cables.
  22. Was he a big blonde with blue eyes that was assigned to FOB-2?
  23. Well,it seems my reprieve is over. Started feeling REALLY bad. Couldn't eat,couldn't sleep. Come to find out i now also have cancer of the groin,and it is more aggressive than the cancer in my stomach. i knew something was up when my cancer surgeon called me personally on the phone to arrange new tests and to prescribe me a new (to me) cancer pill. She told me on the phone it was either that or for me to check on hospice care. She also warned me that many people can't take the pill because it makes them too sick. So,she prescribed them for me,and ironically enough I take so damn many pills now I forgot all about the new ones supposedly making people sick,and damn if I didn't start feeling better! Still have trouble breathing because of all the fluid in my stomach putting pressure on my heart and lungs,but better is better. Take a win and celebrate it! I was reminded the pills were chemo pills when I saw my surgeon a few days ago and she asked me how I was doing with them. Have another appointment in a week,and didn't worry about it until I noticed it said "lab work" and "chair" something. If it is more of that liquid drip chemo like I had before,I honestly think I would rather die. If it were to have the same effect on my mind it had the last time,I might as well die because I will be a vegetable sitting in a high chair to be fed. Making slow progress on my estate and funeral plans,though. New will,paid for the funeral,and am even supposed to get a Special Forces Honor Guard at my funeral because I am a MACV-SOG veteran. Have a friend I taught gunsmithing to come to the house last week and take away almost all my guns and all my reloading equipment and gun-smithing tools. He now has a Firearms Manufacturing License,and is going to sell them for me and give me the money. Putting my 51 Victoria back on the road next week so I can drive it around with a "For Sale" sign in a window. It is the only antique car I have with an auto trans. Can't drive a standard shift car anymore since I pinched a nerve in my left hip. Hell,I can't even get into the passenger side of a car or truck because I can't raise or bend my left leg. Who says getting old ain't exciting? I have no real problem getting into my 3/4 ton GMC pu from the driver side,though. Running boards and tall cab with wide doors. Paying the funeral expenses,registering a new will written by a lawyer,and arranging the Honor Guard were the biggies,though. I highly recommend you all handle your funeral expenses and legal work while it is still a luxury and not a necessity. You can always change it later if necessary. The important thing is to HAVE ONE. Unlike most of you,I don't have any living relatives,so there won't be much fighting over my estate anyhow,but I can rest easier now knowing all the cash it generates goes 50/50 to Feline Hope and St.Judes Children's Hospital.
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