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  1. HI Richard, Just a thought: I recently rebuilt the two horns on my 1939 P8. I had them powder coated. The power coat looks great, but is thick enough to kill the ground circuit. I could heard the relay working, but no toot. I added a couple of ground wires from the horn through screws to a bolt securing the bracket to the firewall. Problem solved. Horns as loud as a tug boat. You might want to use your VOM to check continuity to check the ground circuit from the horn hardware to the firewall. Pete
  2. Carter bought Airtex and is discontinuing the Airtex products. I spoke to a Carter tech support guy. He seemed to be an honest person (!) who told me that Carter will be happy to sell you a "6v" electric fuel pump, but that their 6v and 12v pumps are the same part number. Also they will likely discontinue the impulse pumps. These changes have apparently occurred within the past year or so. I run Airtex 6v low pressure impulse pumps on my two old Mopars. Last year I ordered another impulse pump as a backup. It was branded as Airtex, but was different. I've never had an issue with th
  3. Hi VM49, I got a pair of running boards for my Dodge Brothers RC from Buckeye Rubber a number of years ago. He has since sold the business to Ram Reproductions in Virginia. They are on the web. I got a pair from them for my 1939 Plymouth touring sedan a few months ago. They fabricated the steel boards and vulcanized the rubber mats on. They're pretty good, I'd rate them as about an 8 out of 10 with 10 being perfect. Good enough for my car. Pete
  4. Here's what I got. It's a bit pricey, but the way I've been using it, it's a lifetime supply. It works great in my ultrasonic cleaner: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B012GQOBM8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Pete
  5. Thanks, Dan. We are expecting the same weather here in Vermont. Heavy snow in the trees and high winds are not good for keeping the power on. I'll likely be planning a week long tour for my car club in the next couple of years. My default choice is always Maine. Mid-coast and north. Usually hit Owls Head Transportation Museum and Seal Cove. I'm a member of both. Let me know if there are good tour attractions up your way. Maybe I can convince the other touring folks up that way. Pete
  6. Merry Christmas everyone! A big holiday weekend for me. In addition to the yearly Christmas celebration cycle, yesterday was my last day of work before I retire. My wife and I had our own little celebration at home. We got an excellent dinner from a local restaurant (carry out) and enjoyed a very good bottle of wine from my nephew's winery. Looking forward to having more time to work on my old car projects! Pete
  7. In Vermont we had received only a couple of dustings of snow. Today we got about 1 foot. A town about 40 minutes south of here got 44". Pete
  8. This picture reminded me of an experience I had back in the 1980's. I was living in Chicago and working in the movie industry. One day I went with a "picture car" lady to a big old warehouse on Goose Island to look at vintage cars for an upcoming project. There were hundreds of vintage cars there. (This is the same place where Goose Island Brewing now is, though at that time it looked more like Berlin in 1945.) A lot of very cool cars were there including the cars from "Crime Story" which was filming at the time. My favorite was the black 1957 Chrysler 300C driven on the show by Denni
  9. Hi Lloyd, The extensions are part of the retractors on the 2-point. It appears the the 3-point does not have the extensions: https://www.seatbeltsplus.com/product/WSCH300.html I can't help you with the top mount until I have the seat back in the car. My guess is that the belt would be slightly in the way for entering/exiting, but more a minor annoyance than a showstopper. Pete
  10. Hi all, I installed 2-point lap belts in my 1939 P8 4 door touring sedan. I got the belts from SeatbeltsPlus.com. See the pics. This may or may not help with 3-point belt installation. I installed the retractor side inside the frame of the front seat. It's a tight fit, but it works. Once the seat is assembled, only the chrome buckle is visible sticking up between the frame and the seat cushion. (The seat is sitting on the floor as I removed everything from the interior floor to install a Dymamat kit.) Pete
  11. Welcome Bill! There's a lot of great advice on this forum. Enjoy your truck! Pete
  12. If money was no object, and I had plenty of garage space: 1931 Chrysler Deluxe Eight dual cowl phaeton. A guy in my car club has one. It's gorgeous. It's amazingly long and low. He'll never sell it. 1934 Desoto Airflow 2 door coupe. I just love the look and the engineering. 1924 Chrysler 5 passenger 4 door sedan. Just because. Pete
  13. Hi Blue, Is Johnny's Mexican food still open on the avenue? Not to mention the Top Hat. I miss that area. I bought running boards from Buckeye products for my 1938 Dodge pickup at least 12 years ago. They were nice. A number of years ago when I was looking into getting some for my 1939 Plymouth I called Paul Bowlin. He told me he sold the business to Ram Reproductions. I finally got around to getting new running boards from RAM this past summer. They are good, but not perfect. I'd give them an 8 out of 10. I'm happy with them. Pete
  14. I took this picture outside Fairmount, Indiana in 1994 as I drove my 1938 Dodge pickup from Ohio to Minnesota. The exhaust broke just in front of the muffler as I turned into the cemetery. Not quite loud enough to wake the dead. Pete
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