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  1. try to find a delete my account button but to no avail.. I am finished my project.. great site here but sold my dodge and want to close my account.. but..yeah how too??
  2. hi folk.. got just as frustrated but found the following solution . my fuel tank conversion using a cheap Nissan navara tank http://p15-d24.com/topic/34230-nissan-navara-fuel-tank-to-fit-dodge-b2b/#entry345539
  3. Yes, was there in the rain!..will have it also in the Nowra show this sat..
  4. U can use it two way..either a long- arm over the whole length, it will fit it..or box it of on one side for sidearm or money and the other side for longer items.
  5. Here is my Fargo.. http://p15-d24.com/topic/40197-on-the-road-again-project-finished/# http://p15-d24.com/topic/40197-on-the-road-again-project-finished/#
  6. looks like an exciting project! So jealous..you guys have all the fun! plenty of cars and the space! If I could do it all over again (62 now and migrated in 1974 to NZ and then AU) I would have migrated to the USA !
  7. That's exactly were it is for, when I go to the range while transporting I have to have it secured by law.
  8. all on Historic Rego, the new 60 day trail..great stuff!
  9. I have an original radio but not built in, instead I bought JBL Bluetooth speaker and stream an oldies radio station through it. So I have not only music in the truck but also mobile phone is answered hansfree! Any one interested my radio is for sale..
  10. yes that is what I will use too, at the moment I needed some locked storage so this worked great
  11. anyone else done this? instead of having to lift the seat i made compartments under the seat.. not finished so it looks a bit ruff..
  12. Well it took in time around 2 years but this was stretched out over 4-5 years as I also restored a 1965 safari valiant for my son..
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