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  1. Can the head bolts stretch and then, when reused, bottom out before reaching full torque specs? Some motors require new head bolts if they are ever removed. I've heard over the years, several times, that any torqued bolt should never be reused. Don't know if that's true or not. Might be something to consider.
  2. Hmmm...My pants have a ROUND belt!
  3. Cute kid! No wonder you're a proud grampa! You, too Lakota. Your grand daughter sorta has that "Eww! Brother cooties" look. Grandkids are so much fun!
  4. How about maybe you need a heavy duty flasher unit?
  5. DesotoDav- your first pic must have been the prototype for the "Cameo". You guys get all the good stuff.
  6. I got 'em in the Green Bomb. It fits.
  7. Oh, oh- I always thought her name was Peg.
  8. That's funny, in a weird way. The really weird part, though, is that there was a willing ASSistant!!
  9. Thanks for the pics. That must have been a really enjoyable trip. the scenery looks very much like home.
  10. Thanks for the pics. My '50 coupe is the same color green and I'm doing the insides the same color as yours. I'm using Rustoleum Appliance Epoxy in the Almond color. The upholstery is WHITE! Looks like tuck 'n roll but is the method that shows the sewing. Can't remember what ya call it. The grandkids enthusiasm will keep you going!
  11. What method of welding did you use for the door patch? It looks real good.
  12. Sounds like fun, but I won't be able to make it-a tad too far. Someone have another cuppa coffee for me.
  13. Now, that there's funny! It would be even funnier (or at least less sad) if it wasn't so true!
  14. It sounds like the studs stretched from the nitrous. I have no personal experience with them, but ARP is supposed to be the hot-to-go bolt guys. May be worth looking into. Summit will probably have them. So how fast did you go?
  15. Another theme bike by O.C.C. ( Osaka County Crappers)
  16. Hemmings Classic Car Magazine recently had a really good article about the '50s Lincolns. According to it your pictures are a '53, which is my favorite, BTW. Yeah, they are cool!!!
  17. Looks like a nice, pleasant day. Probably not many like it left for awhile. it's good you took advantage of it.
  18. EEEWWWWWW!!!!! Been there, done that! No where near as bad as that, but a little goes a long way! Those stinkin' little critters seem to be huge MOPAR fans. As already stated, be careful breathing that crap (literally!)
  19. I'm not real sure myself, either, but I think you're basicallly right- it's sort of a shock absorber for the throttle return so it will come back to idle smoothly. Kinda like one of those toilet seat lids that goes down real slow.
  20. I replaced both windshield pieces for $85 on my '50 coupe. That was tinted glass.
  21. Wow! Whatta ya spose some of those grilles would cost today? In that shape.
  22. Have you looked into having a new core made for your original? What is the name of the company you got the aluminum one from?
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