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  1. Be sure to check all the grounds. That can drive you bats!
  2. Uh, oh, Joe- You might have just created a monster!!! It would be cool, though.
  3. Well, at least, misery loves company!! From what you say, Don, I'm invested with politicians!!! No luck making those go away, either!
  4. I grew up in the fifties, so all I have is a kid's perspective. Which was great! I, too, sometimes wish I could go back to the 30s/40s. It seems like it would have been a more "personal" time, if that makes sense. BUT- when i was laying on the table having stents put in my heart, I was VERY glad it was 2004 instead of 1944!!! Can't have it both ways, i guess!
  5. My shop is 2X6 frame construction, with particle board, Tyvek and hardy board. The roof is plywood sheeted with 3 tab asphalt shingles. The north and south walls each have a 4'X4' double pane window, and the upstairs has a 4'X5' double pane window. There is no insulation or heat in the building. This has proven to be a great combination for breeding FLIES!!! Lots of them and they are pretty much zombie-like while alive. They don't last long and there's always a bazillion of them dead all over the place. I vacuum them up and come back later (sometimes hours, sometimes days) and there's a boat load of them laying around dead with a bunch more buzzing around the windows. Once the lights come on they will spread out and explore them. So, since many of you guys have shops of various kinds and stages of construction, I'm hoping one of you have had this problem and can tell me how to resolve it. PLEASE! They're making me nuts!!!
  6. Is that some of that German engineering ya hear so much about?
  7. What a great adventure!! Alot of people retire and go on cruises- I like this approach waaayyy better! How's your heater working for ya?
  8. Harbor Freight, of all places, has a nifty little simple-as-pie 1-man brake bleeder unit. It worked good for me, and allows you to get as much bleed as it takes. Cheap, too.
  9. Good deal! The 2 people I know that have had kidneys removed due to cancer are doing well. You will, too! Keep us posted, please.
  10. Ed, would you happen to have a NAPA number for the new one on your car?
  11. Just being home makes things way better. 5 years ago my wife was sent home from the oncology place with breast cancer and told to get her affairs in order; there was nothing they could do for her, due to many health problems. She didn't accept that and did some research and found a place that went after it with chemo and holistic stuff and today her markers indicate cancer free. They can do some amazing things these days and almost daily they learn something new. You are in our prayers.
  12. Whoa! Deja Vu all over again! When I was a kid I was out on a toot one night and got lit up pretty good and while driving home the fan on my '53 Chev let go just like that. I was still aware enough that something bad happened, but out of it just enough to not care. There was no damage other than the fan itself.
  13. I'm thinkin' it's all custom hand made for the purpose. The compound curved rear door glass is quite amazing for the time. Pretty tough on the eyes, but cool, none the less.
  14. Well, now who'da thought...Wood grain windows. You might be on to something, there. No vent windows should look really good.
  15. I think my '50 , which is stock, is a 0 pressure system. i'd have to confirm that in the book.
  16. Hey... 2 forward and 1 back is still forward.
  17. Wow! Ford Consul! My dad had a couple '52 "English Fords", as he called them, given to him. I was just a kid. They didn't run. They were there awhile and then they were gone. Hmmmm...memories.
  18. Whatever the market will bear. Like the sign over the door of the second hand store says: "We buy junk; We sell antiques".
  19. Yeah...So what's different about that? Isn't there one of those unwritten laws of the universe that says that's how it's supposed to be? Been (am) there, done (do) that!
  20. There is a glass factory just south of here; I will see if they make flat laminated windshield glass. I had a local glass shop cut my 2 windshield pieces from a big sheet. i hjave no idea where the glass was made, though.
  21. For $2K maybe you could find a good used motor (Do your research!) and pay someone to swap them out. I realize there's a lotta possibility for buying a "pig in a poke". (Do your research!) This approach might save on the 'ol back.
  22. That sounds pretty reasonable. I have $2600+ in my 218 with new pistons and new oil pump. That was using my engine. Like you said, shipping will add to the price.
  23. '50 Plymouth Coupe. Saw it on Craigs List. The devil must have been sitting on my shoulder, as it called to me. I was looking for '65 Mustang with a V-8 and 4-spd at the time. Anyway, I went and looked and it sucked me in. Now it's in a million pieces in my shop. It still calls to me: "Money, spend more money!" Lately I've turned a deaf ear. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to hold out.
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