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  1. Hmmm...I would not have picked orange, but I like that!!! Looks great!
  2. Welcome! That's a great looking car! And you have made up my mind on tires and wheels for my own car. Thanks!
  3. The ol' coupe on a lazy back road with all the fall colors is surely great therapy. It's good to see you back in the saddle.
  4. What a great experience! Looks like a lot of fun.
  5. Well, no wonder you make such great strides- you have TWO hammers!!! It's looking good!
  6. Take your picture to an auto paint store and they can match it exactomundo. Alot of good body shops should be able to fix you up, too. I agree, that's a pretty combination.
  7. Nice pics!! Thanks. When's the last time ya saw a '56 4dr hardtop? Cool!!
  8. Enquiring minds want to know......
  9. Congrats and happy b-day! That is a beautiful car!
  10. I don't celebrate it, but thanks for the kind thought.
  11. What a great time for you! I'd be so cranked up I wouldn't be able to sleep tonight. I hope you are able to maintain the relationship. And your car is looking good to boot!
  12. One of the things more reserve will help with is less starts/stops on the compressor motor. Starts are rough on motors. True, it will run longer to make more air, but there will be less stress on the motor running than starting.
  13. Way to go! Nice car. So, who was the "celebrity"?
  14. Sounds good! What kind of mileage did you get before the OD?
  15. That's good news! Glad to hear it. The "camp" looks like a great place to get away from it all and be able to rest and relax. Ain't dogs the best?!?!
  16. So, just what is the difference between "New", "Brand New", and "Brand Spanking New"? Seriously.
  17. Do you have any pictures of your OD set-up? Or can you describe what you have? I'm going to have to figure out how to get around the original kickdown switch, too.
  18. You mentioned a Dodge Omni- my '87 Plymouth Horizon was a carbureted 2.2L, as were many K-cars. FWIW.
  19. Bob; My wife was sent home with breast cancer and told they could do nothing for her. She found another place. that was 6 years ago. Next month she takes the last of her meds and is declared cancer-free. EVERY day they make progress. There is every reason to believe your outcome will be as good as my wife's. She used her horse as the thing that "got her up in the morning" through all this. Ol' Wayback can do the same for you. You and your family are in our prayers. Please keep us posted.
  20. How about the motor mounts? Can they affect the fluid drive like they can a standard manual shift?
  21. I'd say you're on the right track. Keep after it-you'll win.
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